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Processor Stuck to Heatsink via Thermal Pad

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by g00n, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. g00n

    g00n Guest


    I run a Pentium IV 2.8GHz (normal clock speed) with the
    stock-as-a-block Intel heatsink and fan combo. One day after running a
    CPU intensive task, I realised that the chip was running a little
    hotter than it should - as quite an amount of dust was collecting
    within the box I decided to clean it up to improve air flow.

    After unclipping the retention mechanism and pulling out the fan, I
    decided I might as well take out the heatsink (instead of just leaving
    it as it is and brushing it,) so that I wouldnt just be shuffling the
    dust back into the box.

    Since I was the one who fitted it all together in the first place, I
    knew that the heatsink sat nicely on top of the chip without any
    dramas - so I applied a little force expecting it to simply pull
    off... It didnt. I slowly began to apply more force until "tada!" the
    heatsink finally came off. The problem was when I looked back into my
    mobo there wasnt any chip there... Logic told me to turn over the

    Not a problem.. I'll just pull it off - the chip didnt budge. I even
    tried placing the heatsink upside down (chip facing up) on a hotplate
    to soften up the thermal pad... either that was never going to work or
    I was just too scared of frying the chip. (The heatsink remained
    warm/hot - still possible to handle with hands.)

    Is it possible to get the chip off without damaging it? So far there
    arent any visible signs of damage - pins are still perfectly straight
    and level, and there arent any colour differences on the bottom of the
    chip (so no burning?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
    g00n, Feb 7, 2004
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  2. g00n

    g00n Guest

    lol... Alright I managed to fix the problem myself, so no worries.

    For anyone else with a similar problem, just heat the top of your
    heatsink (the opposite side to where you CPU is stuck) slowly with a
    hair dryer, and apply force to the chip using a credit card or similar
    piece of plastic.
    Chip seems to be okay... though I won't be able to tell until I buy a
    tube of thermal paste and stick it in.
    g00n, Feb 7, 2004
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  3. between the heatsink and the CPU. Couldn't you get a razor blade or
    knife and try to slice through the pad, separate them, and then try to
    figure out how to remove the pad?
    Michael P Gabriel, Feb 7, 2004
  4. g00n

    entity Guest

    I've just had the same problem with a thermal putty pad. My method
    was to put some alcohol around the edges of the thermal pad and let it
    soak. I also used a very thin razor blade to cut through the thermal
    pad where possible. Then, I used a hair-dryer to heat up the thermal
    pad and then, with thumb and finger, I turned the processor in a
    clockwise and anti clockwise motion until it came off quite easily.
    Do not attempt to level the processor off!

    When I replaced my CPU, I used some thermal grease instead of a
    thermal putty pad. Also, I spent about 2 hours polishing the copper
    base of my heatsink to give a mirror finish as this will help the
    cooling contact.
    entity, Feb 7, 2004
  5. g00n

    g00n Guest

    When I replaced my CPU, I used some thermal grease instead of a
    haha.. 2 hours! entity you crazy dog... ;)
    Thank you all very much for the feedback
    g00n, Feb 8, 2004
  6. g00n

    g00n Guest

    Chip runs fine.. no damage whatsoever.

    The switch from a thermal pad to a thermal grease / paste / compound
    (whatever you wish to refer to it by) seems to have reduced CPU
    temperatures by a couple of degrees - especially considering its a
    damn hot day today. Recommend to anyone running a pad to make the
    g00n, Feb 8, 2004
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