Professional WS 5100 or AP500?

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Jose Lucas, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Jose Lucas

    Jose Lucas Guest

    Hi again,

    I've found a solution for my problem. I have made a search with "F10 Setup
    and Diagnostics for Compaq Workstations" and found that there is a newer
    version, 1.19 A (19 Nov 99), which functions good. However this version of
    Setup/F10 it's designed for the Compaq Professional Workstation AP500. This
    is comic, because the version 1.15 which compaq site presents you as
    apropiated to the WS 5100 it's useless. Maybe there is anyone from compaq
    that can explain why it's so. At the end i believe this it's a good thing
    to know to anyone with the same problem. Now there is another question i
    want to ask: on motherboard of my compaq WS 5100 dual PIIx300 there is a ide
    connector. I don't know if ata or ultra-ata, the fact it's however that
    although the setup detects it and the OS too, any drive or cd-rom attached
    to it it's no detected. The only strange thing i see in the os it's that the
    connector, a compaq ide controller, has no interrupt. I've tried with
    ata-cables and uata-cables, but without response. Maybe the connector it's
    good, and then can be disabled on motherboard with any jumper which i don't
    know. I can see the 6 switches that you can use to modify the speed of the
    processors and to clean the password cmos. There is however a jumper called
    J44 and i haven't found information about it anywhere. Does anyone know
    first how to enable the ide in order to detect devices, and what function
    has the J44?

    Jose Lucas
    Jose Lucas, Nov 19, 2003
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