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Programming a Sony DVP-CX985V Multi-Disc DVD with a PC?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by bonzo, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. bonzo

    bonzo Guest

    Hello there,

    Thought I'd throw this idea out before I purchase one of these DVD
    players! From reading some reviews of this multi-disc unit, it's main
    feature is the ability to scan through your DVD collection "Title"
    pages (images), so that you can easily locate your favorite movie and
    play it.... However because some DVD authoring houses still do not
    conform to the specs regarding what makes a DVD - the title images do
    not appear. Hence the frustration with this multi-disc player as the
    user is required to manually input all their movies.... so if you have
    150+ movies then you either have to use their on-screen interface (!)
    or one can supposedly use a low-power (120mA or less) US IBM
    PC-compatible keyboard to type in the movie data.

    So of course I was thinking why not have a PC application to grab the
    movie data (using something like the imdb.com or ccdb.com) and then
    emulate the keyboard keystrokes to the Sony DVP-CX985V. I realize that
    some additional hardware (a uC of some sort) would be required in
    effect make the PC appear as the "keyboard". So I was wondering has
    anyone looked at this?

    Why oh why Sony would choose to design a product like this is beyond

    Some links:


    If you want to consult the PDF manual for the Sony DVP-CX985V, you
    have to go through Sony Style USA's nasty "Product Support Site" - are
    they trying to make getting information difficult? ;)

    bonzo, Aug 28, 2004
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