Proliant DL380 G3 server questions

Discussion in 'HP' started by larwe, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. larwe

    larwe Guest

    I just got a surplused DL380 G3 (3.06GHz) but I'm not sure if it's
    working as it was damaged in shipping. It was advertised as "no OS" so
    I can't tell from network activity if it's actually running.

    It has a RILOE II card in it, but I get no video output on either the
    RILOE or the internal VGA adapter, even when I pull the RILOE. It does
    seem to power up, and if I pull one of the two 512MB DIMMs I get beeps
    so I _THINK_ the main CPU is running.

    Is there a way to reset the unit back to factory defaults, and should
    I be trying to talk to it over the Ethernet interface in the RILOE, or
    from a local console, or from the serial port? Right now I just see
    nothing at all when I power it up, but it does seem to be going
    through POST. It's kinda hard to tell for sure though because every
    single peripheral in it is intelligent - for all I know, the main CPU
    is dead and the RAID card and system health processor are running
    their own diagnostics indepedently.

    larwe, Jun 19, 2009
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  2. larwe

    larwe Guest

    No activity that I can see on either of those drives. When I power it
    up, the arrow LED on the top-right HDD (bay 1) goes on for a while,
    then flickers, then the green "disk OK" LED on that drive comes on. I
    have only USB keyboards, but I don't see the Num/Caps/Scr LEDs blink
    so I think USB is disabled or not working.
    larwe, Jun 20, 2009
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  3. I'd suggest these steps for a dl380 that was abused.

    remove all cards. Leave them out for testing.

    reseat all RAM, this means pull it out and reseat, not just push and move
    the latches

    reseat the cooling fans. If too many are broken/missing the server won't
    work. They'll cut you up bad, so be careful when handling them.

    reseat the VRMs (voltage regulators). I avoid touching the processors
    because of the one use heatsinks.

    reseat the SCSI backplane/cables.

    power on, the motherboard has somewhat useful diagnostic LEDs and a legend
    of what they mean on the inside of the top cover.

    As for total reset, I think there's a dip switch for that on the
    motherboard. there are hardware guides for this server on
    Cydrome Leader, Jun 29, 2009
  4. larwe

    larwe Guest

    Replaced all RAM with known-good modules.
    done. But they all come up green anyway.
    Done. But "one use heatsink"? the heatsink is attached to the cpu and
    comes out with it.
    Done. But even with no SCSI controller connected, it still doesn't
    come up.
    .... and all of them are green. Everything's working, but nothing's
    working. Grrr.
    tried it :(

    oh well. parts box I guess. Right before posting this message I just
    stuck it up in my attic with all my other projects. The day I received
    this server in the mail a neighbor said "why did you waste money
    buying that? I can give you stuff" and gave me a couple of 1U servers,
    one IBM xseries 335 very similar specs to the DL380, and one older
    Supermicro generic P4. So I'm up and running on the IBM box right now.

    thanks for trying :)
    larwe, Jun 30, 2009
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