promise sata card for IC7-G

Discussion in 'Abit' started by tlviewer, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. tlviewer

    tlviewer Guest


    I've already had insurmountable trouble with the
    SiI 3112 controller and the Plextor px-712a SATA DVD writer.
    It plays and reads both DVD and CD-R fine, but all attempts
    at burning fail.

    New problems with Maxtor SATA HD
    Now I've been testing a Maxtor 6B300S0 Diamond 10
    hard drive, also on SATA4. My HDTach tests went fine
    (avg read 53 MB/s), and I was able to copy a 17 GB folder to it.
    However I tried doing a read/write via a WinRAR extraction
    and I got a flood of paging errors, then lockups, and finally
    the drive was automatically unsafely removed. At that point
    it disappeared from Explorer, but returned OK after reboot.

    What about using a Promise SATA PCI card? I'm looking at
    the TX4plus ($60), with 4 ports. With overclocking I locked
    the PCI bus at 33MHz. Will I be able to take advantage of the
    66 MHz ability of the Promise card if I turn off the OC?

    I use the Intel ICH5R to Raid0 2 Raptor 74 GB drives. This
    is the backbone of my new system, and it works flawlessly with
    almost unbelievable benchmarks (avg read 135 MB/s via HDTach).

    Will I be able to move the Maxtor SATA drive to a Promise PCI card
    and get reliable read/writes?

    tlviewer, Jan 6, 2005
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  2. Did you try the updated drivers available from Silicon Image?
    Again the updated drivers would be interesting, as I've found that SI's
    latest SiI3114 drivers cured a large file copy problem on the IC7 Max3, so
    there are fixes to be had. However, it should go without saying that errors
    of this sort can often be a result of a not-100%-stable overclock, so if
    this applies make sure you've tried the system at default speeds in order to
    be certain of the cause of the problem.
    No. The PCI bus won't run at 66MHz even in the absence of other issues, so
    it's a moot point. More significant though is the fact that S-ATA
    controllers in general, and the Intel onchip one in particular, are
    extremely intolerant of non-standard bus frequencies, so it's likely that
    your boot array will become inaccessible
    That's a crystal ball question. I've never been a fan of random hardware
    swaps like this in an attempt to solve problems. It's totally unscientific,
    and may always cause issues of its own, leaving you even more confused.

    What did Windows' Event Viewer have to say about the problems you were

    Richard Hopkins
    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
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    The UK's leading technology reseller
    Richard Hopkins, Jan 6, 2005
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  3. tlviewer

    TomG Guest

    can't comment on the Promise card but I do know that if you unlock the
    PCI/AGP busses, the Intel SATA controller will likely disappear as it does
    not seem to tolerate any overclock of the PCI bus.


    Thomas Geery
    Network+ certified Abit Mirror <----- Cable modem IP
    This IP is dynamic so it *could* change!...
    over 130,000 FTP users served!
    TomG, Jan 6, 2005
  4. This card is the TX4 (no plus). The plus variant supports RAID, mine
    does not -- I knew this in advance. If I get another 6B300S0, I could
    use the 3112 for RAID.

    Running both the px-712a (SATA) and the Maxtor 6B300S0 won't work
    on either the TX4 or the 3112. I've read other warnings about mixing
    fast and legacy devices on a controller, but now I believe it after
    trying it -- all audio was cracking, popping, and freezing.

    So far, I can't get the TX4 to recognize the px-712a by itself -- it says
    Bios failed to load.

    The best configuration to date is px-712a on the 3112 and the
    Maxtor SATA on the TX4.

    I imagine that the 3112 would handle the Maxtor if it was
    dedicated (without the legacy optical drive), but I havn't tried
    it yet.

    The 3112 controller is impressive since it allows configuration
    in the Bios and it has a supporting System tray utility that allows
    some control over advanced properties like write caching. The
    TX4 lacked both of these abilities.

    Over all, the IC7-G is awesome. The only problems I've had
    are due to my own inexperience, especially with choosing hardware.

    tlviewer-suse, Jan 9, 2005
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