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PROMPT Configuration Adcive Needed - Please Help...

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Amit L., Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Amit L.

    Amit L. Guest

    Hi to all,

    I need your propt help in order to get to a quick decision regarding two
    offers for a desktop PC configuration I have got. The offers are to expire
    in a few days.
    Both configurations are basically the same, with some marked differences to
    follow. The price is the same as long as I get the decision quickly.

    My most important requirements from a PC are:
    - High Hardware Reliability and good Software compatibility with windows XP
    Pro (and linux to a lesser extent - I don't know what I'll install 2 years
    for now)
    - They are supposed to serve me for 3 years at least
    - Good performance overall
    - Display - Good 2D capability with the capability to provide the most
    accurate and sharp image (if display cards are of matter for this sake)
    - Highly reliable ethernet

    Proposal 1
    - M.B.: DFI PS83-BL
    M.B. Specs:
    - Intel P4 2.8GHz, 512KB Cache / HT 800 MHz
    - Geforce 4MX 440 64MB, MF: Innovision (*not integrated on board*)
    - Midi Tower 300W
    - CDROM (x52) + CDRW (52x32x52), M.F. - Liteon

    Proposal 2
    - M.B.: Intel 'Bayfield' Desktop Board D865BGF
    MB Specs: http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/bf/
    - Intel P4 3.0GHz, 1MB Cache / HT 800 MHz
    - Extreme Graphics 2 Display Adapter (*integrated on board*)
    - Midi Tower 400W
    - CDROM (x52) + CDRW (52x32x52), M.F. - LG

    All the regular staff, BUT I'm allowed to pick different brands for the
    following parts (price being the same):
    - Seagate of WD HD 120GB + 8MB Cache (Which is better?)
    - 2x256 (512MB Total) Dual Channel DDR/400 MHz. M.F.: Kingston OR Samsong
    (Which is better?)

    If you like one configuration better, please specify why - I'm already
    comfused enough... (-:


    Amit L., Apr 10, 2004
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  2. Amit L.

    Jim Guest

    To me, this is no-brainer, go for Proposal 2.

    Both are 865 chipset, so that's a wash. The MX440 video card is not going
    to be any better than the on-board graphics (not enough to matter under 2D,
    anyway), it's a waste of money. No compatibity, driver issues either.
    Proposal 2 processor is also faster, more cache, and has a bigger power
    supply. Optical drives are comparable.

    HDs are a wash, the Seagate is dead silent, but a hair slower. WD quiet,
    but not DEAD so, and a little faster. RMA processes are nearly identical,
    same level of service, same procedures. If one has a better warranty (e.g.,
    1 vs 3 yrs), take the longer one, there's not enough difference to warrant
    less coverage.

    As far as memory, Crucial, Samsung, Kingston, they're all decent,
    conservative, and reasonably reliable products. Trying to pick one over the
    other is almost pointless, find the cheapest price and best warranty (never
    had a problem w/ Crucial), and as long as it works, it's fine. They're all
    PC3200/DDR400, so the differences are imperceptible. Perhaps the only thing
    you might do is compare latencies, if one is 3-3-3, that's pretty bad
    compared to 2-2-2 (the smaller, the better). If you hope to implement dual
    channel, just make sure to buy identical pairs!


    Jim, Apr 11, 2004
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