Proper Configuring of the BIOS settings

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by slicktotoy, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. slicktotoy

    slicktotoy Guest

    My mobo is Shuttle MV43 with VIA P4M266(VT8751) southbridge chipset
    and with an American Megatrends bios(2001) version 07.00T. I don't
    know how to properly configure its BIOS settings, please give me a

    My system specs are:
    Pentium4 1.8Ghz(willamette)
    768 MB RAM(256MBDDR266/512MBDDR400)
    winfast a340 tdh geforce fx 5200
    slicktotoy, Sep 24, 2005
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