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Prototyping Board for Beck IPC@CHIP SC12

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Erik Lins, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Erik Lins

    Erik Lins Guest


    I made a new prototyping board for the IPC@CHIP SC12 by Beck-IPC from
    Germany. It includes the minimum necessary components to set up quick
    applications: the SC12, 5V power supply, power jack, two serial ports
    (COM/EXT) with RS232 line transceivers and sub-d connectors, ethernet
    transformer and RJ45 connector, address/data bus and PIOs on pin headers and
    one half of the eurocard is wrap field.

    All components are non-SMT parts and the PCB is single sided, so it could
    also be "manufactured" at home, schematics, layout and partlist are
    available on my homepage. The PCB can also be ordered on my homepage for few

    It should also be suited for the upcoming SC13 with 10/100 MBit ethernet
    port, since the required SMT ethernettransformer as well as some resistors
    and capacitors can be assembled on the bottom side.

    More information (currently only in german, sorry, I'm going to fix that
    soon) is available at:
    http://www.lins.de -> DIY-Projekte -> PROBOsc12

    Erik Lins, Sep 28, 2003
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