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PS3 Killzone resurfaces - 120 man army working on the game

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by AirRaid, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. AirRaid

    AirRaid Guest

    ......but it won't look half as good as the 2005 E3 trailer, because PS3
    would need a GeForce 8800 to rival the trailer in realtime gameplay and
    RSX is not even on par with a 7800 GTX in terms of fillrate and



    PS3 Killzone resurfaces

    Dutch daily spotlights Guerilla Games' elusive shooter; 120 developers
    working on project, downloadable content confirmed.

    By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot
    Posted Nov 27, 2006 2:39 pm PT

    Ever since its controversial trailer fired up 2005's Electronic
    Entertainment Expo, the forthcoming Killzone game for the PlayStation 3
    has been missing in action. It was nowhere to be seen at a variety of
    high-profile events, including E3 2006 and the 2006 Tokyo Game Show.
    The shooter wasn't even mentioned at the Gamers' Day events Sony held
    to help hype the launch of the PS3.

    Killzone for the PS3

    Today, the long silence on the game was broken by the Dutch newspaper
    de Volksrant. In an article titled, "A video game more expensive than
    the most expensive film," the daily highlights the next-gen Killzone
    and its developer, Amsterdam-based and Sony-owned Guerilla Games. The
    piece's name comes from the fact that the game is costing more to
    develop than the priciest film in Dutch history, director Paul
    Verhoeven's World War II thriller Black Book (Zwartboek).

    While Black Book cost more than 16 million euros (approximately $21
    million), Guerilla won't mention specific numbers for Killzone's
    budget. "Our budget tops [the film]," said Killzone director Arjan
    Brussee. "We're working on the biggest multimedia project in Dutch

    Killzone's high cost is due to the labor-intensive development nature
    of graphically demanding next-generation games. "Work that used to take
    someone a week now takes him a month," said Brussee. Currently, some
    120 developers are working on Killzone--roughly three times the staff
    of the first Killzone. Interestingly, half of dev tem comes from
    outside the Netherlands, up from one third on the PlayStation 2

    Another factor driving up the game's price tag is localization, as the
    new Killzone will be fully translated in 20 different languages. This
    effort will pay off in the long run, Brussee thinks. "You sell 30 to 40
    percent more [units] with a translated version," he said.

    The Volksrant article also confirmed suspicions that Killzone will have
    downloadable content via the PS3's online PlayStation Store. "The
    Killzone that is in stores is only the beginning," promised Brussee.
    Though the developer did not go into specifics, the newspaper mentioned
    that new "chapters" will be downloadable, raising the prospect of
    episodic content.
    AirRaid, Nov 28, 2006
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  2. AirRaid "unimpressively" said:
    LOL, so now it's ok to boast who has the most fillrate as the
    determining factor of the power of a console? In case you hadn't
    noticed, the PS2 had/has more fillrate than the Gamecube and Xbox
    combined. No Contest!

    Also the RSX is more powerful than a 7800GTX. This has already been
    proven at various websites, just check a previous post of mine for the
    link. IF anything, the RSX is closer to a hybrid 8800/7950, but that
    doesn't tell the whole story as the RSX is still completely different
    Mr. Impressive, Nov 28, 2006
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  3. pure bullshit, pure fantasy. get your head out of your ass.

    RSX is weaker than a 430 MHz 7800 GTX in bandwidth and fillrate.

    in shader performance, its closer to a 550 MHz 7800 GTX.

    LOL, in no way is RSX as powerful as 7950 (that's two highend GPUs you
    moron) much less, the next-generation G80~8800.

    are you a Sony fan-boy, an Nvidiot, or both ?
    AirRaid Mach 2.5, Nov 29, 2006
  4. AirRaid

    John Lewis Guest

    Well, you are a well-known ATi (er AMD-drone) fan-boy. Your statement
    is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Nov 30, 2006
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