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PS3 Unvieling Event Cancelled - PlayStation3 Will Not Be Shown In March

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Xenon, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Xenon

    Xenon Guest

    this no April Fools joke.

    Playstation3 will *not* be unvieled in March (which is just about over in
    Japan) as previously planned.
    I am not providing any urls/links/sources that prove that PS3 was going to
    be shown by the end of this march, as this infomation has been known over a
    year or more, and is truthful to my knowledge, and therefore anyone wanting
    to check up on that old info, should be able to do so very easily.

    also note: that the NVIDIA GPU for Playstation3 will not be completed until
    towards the end of this year, according to Nvidia CEO statements from a few
    months ago.

    now, about the *NEW* news that PS3 will NOT be shown before the close of



    "Reuters is saying that SCE cancelled the March conference to unveil
    PS2's successor on the grounds that they didn't have it ready in time.
    Whether or not it will be unveiled before E3 is unknown, but right now all
    efforts are focused preparing for E3. "

    " More specifically, Sony says that a March debut would have put too much
    pressure on software developers, presumably for demos. "

    Playstation 3 Showing Cancelled at Last Minute In Japan
    Speculation confirmed as next-gen meeting pulled.
    30th Mar 2005

    Link to This Article http://news.spong.com/x?art=8504

    Reuters in Japan has confirmed speculation that the PlayStation 3 was
    slated to be shown in Japan during last month. However, the long-awaited
    first glimpse of what Sony Computer Entertainment was working on had to be
    pulled at the last minute.

    SPOnG has known for some time that the PlayStation 3 showing was slated
    for March 2005, an event that had been pencilled in by SCE since the
    emergence of the PSP. As the date drew near, various publications ran
    confirmation or denials about such a meeting. One even edited its story
    which began as a flat out denial of the event to read absolute
    confirmation. Both quoted high-ranking Sony insiders. Go figure.

    Anyway, according to Reuters, the simple explanation for the decision not
    to show PlayStation 3 last month is that there wasn't any software to show
    and the device just wasn't ready. Sony also sought to reassure the world's
    press that there is no problem with the PlayStation 3 program. "There has
    been no delays (sic) with our next-generation console", went the company
    statement. "We are now preparing for our showing at E3."

    However, there is some speculation that E3 will not see a full hardware
    showing as has been indicated by SCEI's press office. Sony's showing of
    the PSP at E3 caused shockwaves in Japan and was seen as something of a
    snub, especially in the Japanese specialist press. Some analysts consider
    it unlikely that this situation will arise again, with a pre-E3 conference
    in the East mooted as a possible debut for the hardware design.



    Playstation3 Not Before E3

    By: Chris Leyton

    Japanese reports suggest that the planned March debut is no longer on the

    Originally intending to unveil the Playstation3 to the world before an eager
    gaming audience at E3 in May 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has
    recently informed Reuters that this is no longer the case.

    The decision to introduce the Playstation3 before the end of the current
    financial year stems back as far as July 2004, and with little explanation
    given to Reuters it's currently unknown exactly why Sony's plans have

    SCE did seem quick however to refute claims that the development and
    manufacturing of the Playstation3 isn't going to plan, proclaiming that the
    anticipated format will definitely make an appearance at E3.

    We'll have more information soon.



    Sony Delays PS3 Unveiling
    System now to be unveiled at an undisclosed date in the future.
    by Anoop Gantayat
    March 30, 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has revealed that it will
    not unveil the next generation PlayStation game machine this month. Instead,
    noting that game makers and other insider parties would have a lot of
    trouble making a March unveiling schedule, the company has decided to hold
    the unveiling at a later, currently undisclosed date.

    It may seem strange for a company to make an announcement about not
    announcing something, but SCE has previously gone on record stating that it
    would properly unveil the PS3 prior to the April 1 start of fiscal year

    SCE stresses that development on the PS3 is not running late. The company is
    still working to show off the system at this year's Electronics
    Entertainment Expo, set for May in Los Angeles.
    Xenon, Mar 30, 2005
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