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Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by marshallsmyth, Jan 14, 2023.

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    Jan 14, 2023
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    Ok, alright, someone has got to inform ASUS that whoever the person, or people, or team, wrote the Q Code Table in the ROG 790 Maximus Hero manual, well, to be honest, they did a very poor job of it. I have a suggestion to fix the problems in
    The manual from page A-1 thru page A-4. I understand the pride they may have, but that should not be at the expense of customers agonising over finding 25 for example. Go ahead, try to find a simple clear cut 25. You can't. So, my suggestion is, yes KEEP the Q Code table you have, but put a disclaimer that says, "Before you use this Q-Code Table, please keep in mind this one is for persons with certified iq's of at least 150." And then, add " For the rest of us, please refer to the get real Q-Code table that begins on page 8, and finishes on page, what, 20 or so.
    And make the get real Q Code Table read something like "01 means your power is on, and you have to reset something called "type detection". For what that means, and how to do it, click the active link "Type Detection" in Asus.com. And that explanation needs to be plain and forthright.

    Same thing for every possible number. I guess for some impossible numbers you might suggest immediatly powering down.
    I for one see no reason for the Q-Codes to be tricky. But, to keep the geniuses happy, leave the tricky one in, but I suspect even the 40 year experienced phd engineers will sneak peeks at the get real version. I currently have a 32, and this morning it was 35. So I guess I have 2 kinds of something called CPU Post Memory Initialization. My modules are nicely RGB lit with the same default slowly varying rainbow, and I took them out of their 2 and 4 slots twice and put them in twice. The pc I built and designed works fine on internet speeds of 10 to 185 mbps down, and 1 to 11 mbps upload, and the latency one can never guess, but between 13 and 57. So does 32 and 35 mean everything is fine, don't worry, go ahead and watch a movie on hulu, or does it mean, hurry, get a fire extinguisher...kidding...or likely just guessing, but you should go into bios and change some setting. In this thread we can talk about CPU and Modules and temps or fan settings. Maybe even fan wiring. I don't know. I physically put my hand on the pump, and around inside to see if anything feels hot. Some things are actually kind of cold.
    marshallsmyth, Jan 14, 2023
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