Q for Panther users: Word/PC Unicode docs on Mac

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Guest, Oct 18, 2003.

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    Guest Guest


    Here's a question for early users of (hopefully) the GM version of
    Panther. I've ordered one copy for myself to be delivered this Friday (I
    sure don't see how they are going to arrange 8:00 pm delivers; what does
    that 8:00 pm countdown clock on the Apple Store site mean anyway??), but
    I wonder if anybody knows if it does what I really really need.

    My problem is that I received Word XP or Word 2000 docs from PC users
    regularly which contain either mixed English/Russian or English/Central
    European characters. Word X/Mac doesn't handle Unicode right, so this
    are thoroughly trashed on the Mac. (I can however, run them through some
    ..rtf filters and open them in Word 5.1a, typically, with some possible
    loss of formatting). This is a problem with Word X and it won't be fixed
    by Panther. BUT I understand that TextEdit will now open formatted Word
    docs, and it is fully Unicode-savvy. So I would like to know, what
    happens now if you use TextEdit to open a Word/PC document containing
    mixed English and Cyrillic in Unicode? Can the contents of this file
    then be extracted and not screwed up, e.g., for placement in Quark or
    InDesign, or other purposes?

    If anyone knows, please post an authoritative answer. If you don't know
    but are willing to conduct a test, I could email you a file. In that
    case, drop me a line at the reconstructed address below.


    George Fowler
    gfowler |AT| indiana |DOT| edu
    Guest, Oct 18, 2003
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  2. Guest

    matt neuburg Guest

    You can test this yourself, now. TextEdit can open an rtf version of
    your document now - the difference is supposed to be that in Panther you
    don't need the rtf version and that a little bit more formatting
    infomation is preserved, but you're interested just in the characters,
    so you should be able to experiment on those. m.
    matt neuburg, Oct 19, 2003
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  3. Guest

    James Meiss Guest

    What "rtf" filters do you use? I would be interested in these.

    In my experience, Word X creates "rtf" that is much more verbose than
    Word 5.1. I suppose Microsoft "updated" the rtf standard at some point
    to make it worse (oh, excuse me, more powerful).

    I was using "rtf2html" to create some html files from a word document,
    and the rtf that Word X creates doesn't work. If I open the same
    document in Word 5 and save as rtf, then rtf2html works great.
    James Meiss, Oct 19, 2003
  4. I use two sets of pre-designed filters by Andreas Prilop, called Convert
    Cyrillic RTF 2.1 and Convert CE RTF 2.6. I believe they are available
    from info-mac and similar sources. They are designed to work with
    Add/Strip and Power Replace/Super Replace, two shareware utilities that
    do text clean-up operations. They convert the rtf codes for Cyrillic/CE
    characters to the corresponding codes for the other platform, in both
    directions, and they cover cp 1250, 1251, and 1257 on the Windows side.
    I prefer to open these .rtf files in Word 5.1a, but sometimes I have to
    run them through Word 2001 first (for example, footnote references get
    changed to normal unsuperscripted text if opened directly in Word 5).

    George Fowler
    George Fowler, Oct 20, 2003
  5. Andreas Prilop, Oct 20, 2003
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