Q: K8V - using SATA boot drive with PATA RAID attached

Discussion in 'Asus' started by mfried, May 18, 2005.

  1. mfried

    mfried Guest


    I'm trying to use the following configuration:

    - Asus K8V, BIOS 1006
    - WD 120GB drive attached at secondary IDE master
    - DVD attached at primary IDE master
    - WD 120GB drive attached as single unit RAID array attached at PATA
    IDE 1
    - Maxtor 200GB SATA attached at SATA1 (boot drive with Win2000)

    Problem is that as soon as I connect the drive to the PATA RAID atapter
    the SATA drive is not recognized by BIOS and I cannot activate it as
    boot drive.

    When I disconnect the PATA drive from the Fastrak adapter or disable
    the PATA Promise adapter all is well, but I cannot access the PATA
    drive :)

    I could connect the second WD as slave to one of the "normal" IDE
    ports, but I wanted to use all the drive as single/master configuration
    on separate ports. So, does anyone know how to do it? Are there
    limitation in the possible combinations of SATA/PATA-RAID/IDE?

    Thx in advance

    mfried, May 18, 2005
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