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question about Dell laptops- laptops in general?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by KOS, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. KOS

    KOS Guest

    Hi, I dont have a laptop but I have a friend who is selling their used

    My question is this they have the Lattitude C640, C610 or the C810 that
    I can choose from. Do all these laptops come with an ethernet
    connection? I would like to be able to run this laptop on a cable
    modem... What should I be looking for in the specs? just an ethernet?

    What about if I wanted to go wireless? if it doesnt have a wireless
    card, could one just add one to the laptop? how much does this usually

    Also, if it had a lousy hard drive capacity- how much does it cost to
    add an larger harddrive?

    so essentially to sum it up, I am looking to go highspeed, with the
    option to go wireless, will these laptops work for that- what is

    Thank you
    KOS, Jun 28, 2005
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  2. KOS

    jakdedert Guest

    Almost all questions which have been answered here in the past. Google is
    your friend. The ethernet question would be the easiest to google. I could
    do it in less time than I'm spending writing this. Why don't you try it?
    Or better yet, ask your friend with the laptops the same question.

    Hard drive prices are volatile. Google is again your friend.

    All you need for wireless is a USB or PCMCIA slot. All laptops produced in
    the last ten years have at least one of those. Purchase the appropriate
    adaptor. Load the drivers.

    jakdedert, Jun 28, 2005
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  3. KOS

    Russell Shaw Guest

    Think so.
    Wireless in my c610 is internal mini-pci. Antenna is part of laptop case.

    google for cost

    Reading a review, the c810 can't have internal lan and wireless simultaneous,
    and is much heavier than the c610/640.
    My c610 has both at the same time, and probably the c640 would too.
    google for cost

    I think the c640 would be the best for weight and features.
    The c610 is good if you wan't to pay less, but
    still has everything and a good battery life. They're typically
    1.0-1.2GHz Pentium-3M. Mine has dvd burner too.
    Russell Shaw, Jul 1, 2005
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