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Question about S-VIDEO and connecting my TV to my computer (via graphic 9600 Pro graphic card)....

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Melandre, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Melandre

    Melandre Guest

    My TV has a S-Video connector and I understand the back of the 9600
    Pro has this kind of S-Video connector as well. Does it mean I can
    simply run a S-Video cable from my computer to my TV and then I'd be
    able to watch videos on my TV set instead of my computer? Does the
    S-Video cable carries audio signal too or just video signal.

    If it is possible, are there picture quality issues I should be aware

    Melandre, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. i've used my s-video out from my 9800 Pro to my Sony 20" TV. it carries just
    the video signal. audio goes through your soundcard.
    Northern Light, Nov 2, 2003
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  3. Melandre

    Plissken Guest

    hi, i have the 8500 not the 9600. the s-output on the card has a 7 pin
    configuration. the standard 4 pin 3 foot long s video cable included
    with my card prompted me to try the same 4 pin s-video in a 50 foot
    length. after plugging the s-video into the card and my widscreen about
    45 feet away, i booted up the pc and the image from my monitor was
    displayed on the widescreen... to my disbelief. :) you'll need 60 mhz
    settings for the tv.
    i watch movies with no noticable quality loss even at the 45 feet cable
    distance. i went with the rca plugs for sound, although i can turn on
    my amped multimedia pc speakers and enjoy the audio that way also.
    the link below provided a good selection, info and prices. good luck.


    Plissken, Nov 2, 2003
  4. Melandre

    Melandre Guest

    This is pretty much what I am trying to do too. Plug my TV in the
    bedroom which is approx. 40 feet away.

    Thanks for the info!

    What do you mean by 7 pin versus 4 pin? Do you mean that the output
    connector shows 7 pins but that it will take a 4 pin S-Video cable?

    And I am not sure what you mean by "you will need 60 mhz setting for
    the TV. How do I know or change the Mhz settings for my TV???

    Cheers! Andre
    PS: I went to the site you suggested: is this the appropriate cable?
    Melandre, Nov 3, 2003
  5. the reason the connector is 7 pin is because with some cards the card comes
    with a cable that splits the 7 pin into a 4 pin s-video and a composite rca

    and i think he means 60 hz not mhz
    The Administrator, Nov 3, 2003
  6. Melandre

    Plissken Guest


    hi. i believe the cable you mention is the same one i have. it seems to
    be good enough quality to provide a nice picture from my harddrive to my
    widescreen about 45 feet away. if your card came with a short s-video
    cable, check out the ends of it. i assumed since mine (card) came with a
    standard 4 pin configuration cable, that it would work, even though my
    card has a 7 pin configuration. i'm not saying your card has the same s-
    video output configuration, or if it does that the 4 pin plug will work.
    it would be nice if you could check it with a shorter plug before you
    ordered the 50 foot cable. also, i had to join two (2) 25 foot rca
    cables together to reach my widescreen, but it worked fine. mabey radio
    shack has some 50 foot rca cable, but i do reccomend the 50 ft. s-video
    cable from the pccables site, it works good for me anyway. also i ment
    you have to set the screen refresh rate to 60 hz not 60 mhz. t.v.'s use
    the 60 hz settings from all i've read. rage3d forum may have some more
    info about your 9600 card too. its a great website. mabey someone else
    will jump in here with their 9600 experence running s-vid / tv out. i
    think you'll love it when ya get it all hooked up. p.s. make sure you
    'walk off" or closely measure where the cable will be run. once you start
    running the cable in ceilings or around the walls in the basement like i
    well i almost cut myself short on the cable. i ended up with about 2-3
    feet of slack, a little closer than i had estimated. ;)

    Plissken, Nov 3, 2003
  7. Melandre

    Melandre Guest

    Thanks, I think I am going to go ahead and order a 50' S-Video cable
    (I'll try the one that came with my video card first). For the RCA
    audio, do you have to unplug your regular computer speakers and do you
    just use a splitter?

    Melandre, Nov 4, 2003
  8. Melandre

    Plissken Guest

    you are welcome. i probably have mono sound coming from my
    widescreen and i have to raise the volume level louder than
    cable or dish settings, but it sounds fine. i never took
    the time to run it through my amp and surround speakers (yet).
    i have my pc multimedia speakers run into one side of a splitter
    with the rca plugs into a 1/8 inch jack with that plugged into
    the other side of the splitter, into a soundblaster live card.
    it plays with no distortion or crackling,with plenty of volume.

    Plissken, Nov 4, 2003
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