QUESTION??? P4PE-Cold Boot- occassional boot fail--> replacement mobos the same? Any help pls

Discussion in 'Asus' started by seeker, May 19, 2005.

  1. seeker

    seeker Guest


    Since new, my P4PE (and 2 replacements) have all had the following
    problem: Once XP is booted, they are 100% stable. But, if the room
    temperature is low (I know it sounds crazy) ...say below 60 deg F)
    then there is a chance (say 1 on 5) that upon power up..especially if
    system AC power has been off...but other times too)...the system never
    comes up.

    No Video signal, no HD activity (expect that done by the local HD

    The ONLY method to recover is is remove power (maybe several times)
    and eventually the system will start normaly...that is, on power, a
    video sgnal (Bios POST) is seen...followed by a message that the "last
    boot failed due to "bad" cpu speed"....The CPU speed shown in the bios
    (then) is correct.

    XP then starts and runs with no problem and XP NEVER thinks it needs
    to recover anything.

    Doing a Google search, I have found several places where persons seem
    to be talking about very similar issues...but as far as I can one has a reason or fix?

    HELP- PLEASE...or even comments!


    My System:
    Asus P4PE- latest Production ..xxxx 7 bios (replaced 2 x)
    Power Supply: Have tried Antec True Power 550, TP 480, PC Power &
    Cooling 400Watt. etc.

    CPU Intel p4 2.4Ghz 'b' CPU (also swapped out no help)
    Memory Micron Crucial 512 DIMM PC2700 / CL=2.5
    Video (tried Geforce, ati, pny AND MORE)
    HD (Have tried WD 80gig, Seagate 120, and Seagate 160 gig on IDE
    CD: Plextor DRU700 (also others tried) on IDE Secondary

    That's it...simple system
    seeker, May 19, 2005
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  2. seeker

    Paul Guest


    Cold boot problems are a known issue.

    "Poll: Does your ASUS P4PE have the cold boot issue? "

    "P4PE: I think I fixed my cold boot problem"

    Paul, May 19, 2005
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  3. seeker

    Mutley Guest

    I think it's an inherent problem with these boards. Mine is fine
    until the winter months then I get this problem. Once every week or
    two until the weather warms up then no problems..
    Mutley, May 20, 2005
  4. seeker

    seeker Guest

    Ans Top posted:

    I'm sory to say that those of you who have replied and also the the
    thread-links you were so kind to post are liley 100% correct.

    Thatis is...the P4PE must have a bad design...likely in the clock or
    Power-up area. Most users reporting th problem are running a 2.4 or
    near P4 CPU and I've swapped everything, even the P$ and MB...but more
    or less have the same issues...even down to "a cold room" overnight
    will lilely cause it...

    Might it be a short coming in the Intel chip..?? well possibly, but I
    really haven't located other brnad MB with such similar reported
    issues. Shame...once running I love the board...but the probablems
    seems to increase with age and therefore it makes little sense for me
    to trust my time, data and effort this way.

    With the seemingly common issue, I'm surprised Asus didn't address the

    seeker, May 21, 2005
  5. seeker

    seeker Guest

    seems like the p4pe has a design flaw and Asus has not addresssed it.
    seeker, May 21, 2005
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