Questions from newbie-How to mount network drive, Must Have Software

Discussion in 'Apple' started by MarkW, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. MarkW

    MarkW Guest

    I have my new C2D MBP on order and am a switcher from Windows XP and
    am wondering if there's any must have software out there, software
    that many mac users have. I know with Windows there are a few like
    this. Of course I know the mac has more built in programs and is
    easier to use so I likely won't need as many programs to buy.
    I am undecided if I'll go with Safari for web browsing or Firefox. As
    well, for PIM use I'm not sure if I'll use Entourage or ical/address
    What I will get though are Office 2004 since I do a lot of heavy
    office work as well as Macromedia/Adobe Suites since I do graphic
    design as well as web design.
    Beyond that, I want a program that does good desktop video editing, a
    good newsgroup reader, probably will get toast platinum.
    I will use my mac at home where I also have a home office and it's
    kind of going to be for all kinds of uses, maybe even a occasoinal
    game. I just want anything that will make my life even better wtih a
    mac. it's coming on Tuesday and I can't wait!

    One last kind of unrelated thing. With Windows you can map a drive to
    a server computer. I do have a Windows based computer in my house I
    use as a server. I hope to switch that to a Mac Pro someday but with
    Xp I simply map it as a drive such as drive Z. Can I do the same with
    a Mac? I do have a friend who has one but his only complaint is you
    can select and log onto a server drive but as soon as you reboot the
    computer this drive is gone and you have to redo it each time.
    MarkW, Oct 29, 2006
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