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Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing - Viafine PCB Manufacturer

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by sales, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. sales

    sales Guest

    Viafine Electronic & Technology Limited (http://www.viafine.com) deals
    mainly in the supply of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB,FPC), Single-Sided
    PCB,PTH Double-Sided PCB,NPTH Double-Sided PCB,Flexible
    PCB(FPC),Multi-layer PCB(2~12 Layers)for worldwide customers. with more
    than ten years of specialized experience and excellent engineering
    Team, Viafine is responsive to customer needs for speed to market, and
    offers fast and accurate solutions for Quick Turn Around (QTA) needs.

    Our QTA service is combined with cost reduction and DFM (design for
    manufacturability), we can provide faster than normal response in
    prototype and production quantities.

    Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same
    state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities. There is a
    single tooling charge. No additional tooling charges are made to
    customers when the product goes to volume.

    Various levels of service and volume apply depending on specific needs:
    Single-Sided and Double-Sided: 1-3 Day QTA sample.
    Multilayer PCB(4~6 layers): 4~6 Day QTA sample.
    Multilayer PCB(8~12 layers): 7~8 Day QTA sample.
    10~15 Day Mass production first lot.

    Packing and Shipping Departments ensure that the product is accurately
    shipped to the customer by the most efficient route using purpose
    designed packing protection in accordance with the customer's request
    such as FOB CIF & DDU.

    PCB Material Highlights: FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, FR1, XPC,IMS,FR-5, High
    Tg, Green Material

    PCB Production Highlights:
    Single-Sided PCB : http://www.viafine.com/english_single_sided_pcb.html
    PTH Double-Sided PCB:
    NPTH Double-Sided PCB:
    Flexible PCB(FPC):
    Multilayer PCB(2~12 Layers):

    Viafine is a Professional PCB Manufacturer and Professional PCB

    URL: http://www.viafine.com
    Tel: (86) 769 8301 4838
    Fax: (86) 769 8301 4823
    Viafine Electronic & Technology Limited
    sales, Jul 3, 2006
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  2. sales

    DJ Delorie Guest

    .... is yet another spammer who cares more about their profits than
    about the readers of this newsgroup. Sigh.
    DJ Delorie, Jul 3, 2006
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  3. sales

    linnix Guest

    Do you take credit card? Or I just have to wire transfer (pay $30 to
    my bank) and pray that I will receive the product in good order. Will
    my banking info be available to other organizations.

    Is there other way to contact you other than by email? Some
    governments are know to monitor emails.

    Do they monitor phone calls as well?

    Do you help me with the needed export license from your country? My
    country do not require import and/or export licenses for these
    products, but yours has very strict control.
    linnix, Jul 3, 2006
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