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Radeon 8500LE and TV-out problem

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Maveric, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Maveric

    Maveric Guest

    Dear All,

    I try to get a hometheater setup using a PC. TV-out to a widescreen TV and
    VGA-out to a 9" monochrome monitor (to control some window things)
    If i test the setup with a normal 15" VGA monitor it works (i get both TV and
    VGA image). VGA is set to 640x480x16 60Hz.
    Everything is connected at startup of PC!
    If i connect the 9" monitor i keep picture on TV and VGA until windows switches
    from a text to a graphics screen (ATI VGA driver init ?) then both TV and VGA
    go black. Windows load completely (i can press ALT-F4 + S + ENTER to shutdown)
    Why is wat is connected to the VGA port of importance to the TV-out ?
    The 15" VGA will supply DCC info and the 9" not, but i have selected in Windows
    a 'standard 640x480' display instead of 'plug and play'.
    Wat gives, anybody?

    (you can understand that i have rather a 9" next to my TV then a big 15" :( )


    Celeron 1000Mhz
    160MB of PC100
    MSI-6163 Slot 1 motherboard (yes i know, don't laugh :) )
    Radeon 8500LE
    Catalyst V3.7
    Windows 98SE
    Maveric, Jan 1, 2005
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