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Radeon 9600Pro : how to enable vga, dvi and Svideo ?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Waldok, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Waldok

    Waldok Guest


    I own a Radeon 9600Pro and I am building a dedicated Home theater PC.
    I"d like to connect as follows :

    1. VGA port : mini lcd screen from a psone (working)
    2. DVI port : DVI->VGA adapter : Panasonic PTAE300 front projector
    3. SVideo: TV

    My idea is to avoid switching on the TV or the projector when I just
    want to listen to CDs or MP3s from the PC (the small LCD screen will
    then be used as a control monitor, displaying song title, time
    elapsed, and so on...).
    Now, I'd like to have the small LCD on VGA port as a primary display
    (always on), and be able to select the secondary display between TV or
    projector (whether I want to watch a DVD on the projector or simply TV
    programs on the TV)

    Can anyone here help me with this ? I can't manage to configure dual
    display, overlay, clone mode, and so on. It never works as intended.
    For information I must also use Powerstrip to configure the small lcd
    display at 720x576, 25Hz.

    Thanks a lot for some help on how to proceed !

    Waldok, Jun 15, 2004
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