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Radeon ATI 9200SE & 3D Apps & SP1,2,3 Please help me!

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Bruce, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Hello Everyone:

    1st off, whats the best driver for Radeon ATI 9200SE, (Icurrently have
    Version- and where can I get it? The Website for ATI, and
    for Radeon are a bit confusing, and so is what I see when I look in my
    Device Manager for my video Card, it shows 2, both with the same name,
    just that the 2nd one has in perenthises, (secondary) Whats that about?

    Also are there any known popular issues with
    Radeon 9200SE 128MB,
    and Win XP Pro, Service Pak 1,2,and3?
    and Poser or any other 3D Apps?

    Yea all of a sudden now, my Poser 5 keeps causing my computer to do a
    restart as soon as I click on it to start?

    My Poser 5 well, I haven't used it for a few months. Then today I went
    to try to use it and do some tutorials, and try to teach myself about
    using a character from Poser in my Lightwave, and animate him, and make
    him/her do stuff.

    Only that it wouldn't start, It kept making my computer do a re-start
    thing. Once it said something about,
    is missing or something like that. Do you know what that is for and
    where I can get it, or what its from?

    I got an error message once, it said:

    Error Message: Stop 0x000000EA Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver. (Q293078)

    I know that that (Q293078) is a M*crosoft Article, and I read it, but it
    didn't really apply to my computers situation. So that didn't help at all.

    I seem to think it has to do with 1 of 2 things...

    1)- My Video Card, (Does anyone know of issues that Poser has with Video
    Cards?) A Radeon ATI 9200SE 128MB 64bit... and when I go under the
    Device Manager, and look under Display, it shows 2 listings both for the
    Radeon 9200SE video card, but the 2nd listing says (secondary) next to
    it, what does that mean?

    2)- I'm running Windows XP Pro, and have recently done its regular
    "critcal update" thing. It installed ... "Service Pak 1,2 & 3"

    Is there anyone that knows about issues with these "Service Paks" and

    Those are my guesses as to why I can't run Poser 5 now, but used to be
    able to run it on this computer. I've also had some trouble installing
    Vue 4 Pro, and Vue 5. I was wondering if they all might be related.

    My Lightwave, and 3D Studio Max are working though, and the 3DSMax is a
    recent install, could that be the problem too?

    Please help with any and all suggestions. I've already done an
    uninstall,and a re-install. Still the samething.


    Bruce, Nov 10, 2004
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  2. Bruce

    J. Clarke Guest

    What's "confusing" about it? You go to the ATI site and then "Drivers and
    Software" and then for your board and OS you click "Windows XP", "Graphic
    Driver", and "Radeon" and download the appropriate package--there are two
    under "High Speed", one is with the new control center, the other is with
    the old one--the drivers are the same in both. If you go with "Low Speed"
    instead then you need the Display Driver, the WDM Capture driver if you
    have video-in, and either the Control Panel or the Control Center.
    The 9200SE supports two monitors. One is primary, the other is secondary.
    There is no Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. The current drivers are working
    fine for me under service Pack 2. SP 2 does, however, have problems with
    specific applications, yours might be one of them. Have you checked the
    vendor's tech support?
    You need to find out where that "Service Pak 3" is coming from. Microsoft's
    nomenclature is "Service Pack" (note the "ck") and the most recent Service
    Pack for Windows XP is Service Pack 2. If you have something that claims
    to be "Windows XP Service Pak 3" then it's probably malware of some sort.
    J. Clarke, Nov 10, 2004
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