Radeon *Value* Family - 9700 and below. . .

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Wayne Youngman, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I have been a NVIDIA user the past 4 years (since TNT-2Ultra) and have
    followed very closely everything NVIDIA (and INTEL), however the past few
    months I have been swatting up on ATI and their Radeon Family of GPU. Most
    of the stuff I have read about is the 9500/9500Pro, 9700/9700Pro and
    9800Pro. After digesting this information I had my heart set on getting a
    9500Pro or 9700 128Mb card, but I have noticed my suppliers in the U.K are
    offering allot of good value cards based on the 9000, 9100 and 9200 GPUs,
    and heck I have to admit it I am getting a bit confused. . . .

    The new system I am planning to build will be based on a Barton 2500+,
    NForce2 Ultra 400, and 512MB PC3500/PC3700, so now I am trying to work out
    which Radeon I can pick up cheaply, Currently my top-end choice would be a
    *Atlantis 9700 128MB DDR AGP 8x* (£175) but the more I think about it, it
    seems like this is too much money to spend especially when my supplier also
    is selling the *Atlantis 9100 128MB DDR AGP 4x* (£58.41), and newer cards
    from ATI are just a couple of months away

    Now what I am thinking is if I was to buy the 9100 (or other?) today (vs.
    9700) I would be saving £116.59, that's allot! then maybe I could put this
    money towards a new graphics card in 3-6 months time and pop the used Radeon
    into my old PIII system. I do play allot of games but none of them are
    really FPS games. . my fave is NeverWinterNights. .My current card is an old
    GeForce256 DDR 32MB (150Mhz core/300Mhz DDR) (PIII 550E) and games still
    look good to me using this, so I am sure I will see a great improvement
    using one of the Radeons

    Which is the better sub £100 Radeon GPU plz, 9000 - 9100 - 9200? I think
    DX9, AGP x8 and more than 128MB are almost superfluous to my needs now, DX8
    and AGP 4x should be ample (I think?), Also I use a 19" Mitsubishi Diamond
    Pro (CRT) and generally play games in 1024x768

    I spent more time researching this graphics card stuff than any other
    component in the system :)

    Thanks for any advice u guys may have,

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Jul 15, 2003
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  2. Wayne Youngman

    RonK Guest

    I had the same decision to make as you.
    I ended up buying the Radeon 9000 and I am very pleased with the graphic
    display. The games (Especially Battlefield 1942) run excellent and it
    produces very sharp and clear images and motion is very smooth.
    The 9000 was half the price of the 9600 I was originally going to buy. The
    9000 does not support the TrueForm but I think it is a very big improvement
    over the Radeon 7500 I had before.
    RonK, Jul 15, 2003
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