RAID 0 configuration on Platinium 975X

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Tommy57, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Tommy57

    Tommy57 Guest


    I've a big problem with my MSI 975x Platinium.
    The MSI support told me to update my bios in order to fix some stability
    I update the bios with the latest version (7.40) but now, I'm unable to
    restart the computer even if the bios update works fine.
    My C:\ is build on RAID 0. But since the update impossible to access to the
    raid utility from the bios!!! I can't understand why!!!

    So I can't set up my raid 0 with my 2 hdd. And each time the computer try to
    boot, I get the message "no system disk..."

    Did someone know how to solve this issue?

    Thanks for your great help
    Best Regards,
    Tommy57, Mar 12, 2007
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  2. Tommy57

    lkboop Guest

    Sure do, when you updated your Bios and you restarted your computer
    everything in the bios was reset to the default value. In simple terms
    your system RAID 0 array is trash. You need to do a clean install of the
    operating system and if you have data backed up you will be OK. Since
    you have a RAID 0 array there is no redundancy.

    The only way you might have avoided and I say might have is to hold the
    delete key down the entire time the system was posting and this will
    take you to the bios directly. This will allow you to fix the items in
    the bios so that it will try to boot your Raid array. What usually
    happens is after you fix the bios and reboot; the system will go to the
    point of starting Windows and then complain about the boot loader
    missing. This is no big deal. This can be fixed in the repair console
    with the command FIXMBR.

    What you are reporting is perfectly normal after BIOS update and not
    knowing exactly what you are doing. I probably have the record for the
    most number of installs of Windows XP in one day as the result of
    exactly what you are reporting.

    Good Luck
    lkboop, Mar 13, 2007
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  3. Tommy57

    Tommy57 Guest

    Thanks for your answer!

    My first problem is that since I updated the bios, I cannot access to the
    RAID utilities. That mean, even if I would like to reinstall the OS, I could
    not do it because I've first to set up a physicaly RAID0.
    You know what I mean? Normaly, during the POST, you've a option (menu) to
    select your drive to build your RAID before installing your OS. But I can't
    access to this menu.

    Second, do you think that if I could reconfigure my RAID0 that he will
    reboot normaly on my installed OS?. So my idea was to update the bios
    because MSI told me to do it because of some trouble like the memory speed
    for example. So do you thing that if I reconfigure my RAID0 that it will
    automatically recognize my OS on both hdd and boot correctly?

    What do you mean with : "This is no big deal. This can be fixed in the
    repair console with the command FIXMBR." ?

    Do you thing I could only do a "repair" in order to keep all my settings and

    Thanks for your help
    Tommy57, Mar 13, 2007
  4. Tommy57

    lkboop Guest

    You can not access it because it doesn't exist yet.

    That mean, even if I would like to reinstall the OS, I could
    YES and to do this you have to enable it in the BIOS
    That is what I was telling you, your settings in the bios are history.
    You need to go to page 3-14 in your manual and study it. What I think
    you want is "SATA only". Not sure of the exact configuration but this
    where your problem is SATA is some how disabled. Also when you get the
    drives arranged how you want them. Then you need to go to page 3-7
    Advanced bios features and set boot priority. If you have done
    everything correctly so far, under boot priority one of your options
    will be RAID Array or some such wording, this is what you want. That is
    as your boot disk.

    Save and exit the bios and reboot and press what ever key it takes to
    enter the RAID set up (TAB or F10 usually) Set it up and away you go.

    There is nothing to reconfigure, you RAID Array is gone, wiped out,
    history. If it came up said no bootable disk or something like that
    there is nothing to fix or repair. If it came up and said NDLDR missing
    your array could be repaired with the repair console on the Windows
    installation disk.

    What you had was a stripe array, this is why you DON'T run stripe
    arrays unless you have EVERYTHING backed up unto another drive.

    If you would have had a mirror array, you could have recovered it
    rebuilt and synced it.

    Good Luck
    lkboop, Mar 13, 2007
  5. Tommy57

    Tommy57 Guest

    Hi lkboop,

    thanks for all the effort you make. I could solve my problem by changing the
    configuration like this

    1. Load Optimized Defaults -> YES

    2. menu Advanced Bios Features / Full Screen Logo Display -> Disabled

    3. menu PnP/PCI Configuration / Init Display First -> PCIEx

    4. menu Integrated Peripherals /

    Onboard JMB361 Mode -> Disabled

    Onboard Intel Lan Boot Rom -> Disabled

    Sous-menu IDE Devices Configuration / PCI IDE BusMaster -> Enabled

    Sous-menu SATA Devices Configuration / SATA Mode -> RAID

    5. Save & Exit Setup -> YES

    When the computer has reboot, he found the RAID0 automaticaly and start my

    Thanks for your help

    See you,

    Tommy57, Mar 13, 2007
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