RAID on Tyan S2865

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Mikko Peltoniemi, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I'm having an odd problem with the RAID on this device. Even though
    now the arrays show Healthy, Windows still shows each of the drives
    separately under Drive Management and My Computer.

    The motherboard is Tyan S2865, and I have configured two SATA RAID-1
    arrays in it. What happened was I noticed extra drives had appeared
    under My Computer. When I looked at them, it seemed like they were the
    #2 drives of the RAID arrays.

    I went to the BIOS RAID setup, and I had three arrays listed. Two for
    adapter one, one for adapter two. The two adapter ones showed as
    Degraded, but the adapter two array showed Healthy status.

    So I removed other one of the drives from adapter 1, and rejoined it
    into the other adapter 1 array. And its status returned to Healthy. But
    still, instead of two volumes, Windows sees four. And they're all
    independent. If I put a file on one of the volumes, it won't get
    replicated to its other array counterpart, and so on.

    Any advice?

    I think what I'll try next is taking out the #2 drives of each array,
    wiping the drives completely, then try to rejoin them to their
    respective arrays.

    Or is this something I need to fix within Windows, as opposed to the
    BIOS RAID setup?
    Mikko Peltoniemi, Jul 4, 2008
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  2. Mikko Peltoniemi

    Paul Guest

    When you look in Device Manager, what driver is being used for the
    hard drives ? Is a RAID driver being used, or a default Windows
    driver ? It almost sounds like an ordinary driver for hard drives
    is being used, instead of a RAID driver.

    Along with the RAID Windows driver, there should also be some
    RAID Management software, which would allow monitoring the
    arrays while in Windows. I expect the RAID Management software
    will not run, if the wrong driver is being used.

    A puzzle would be, why the device enumeration doesn't prevent
    this from happening.

    Chipset is Nvidia Nforce4 Ultra, with four SATA ports and two
    IDE connectors, supporting a total of eight storage devices.

    This board uses the same chipset as the Tyan board.

    Just a guess,
    Paul, Jul 4, 2008
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  3. I do have the NVIDIA nForce RAID Controller driver installed, but I
    can't tell from the Device Manager if it's actually being used. Under
    it is also the NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller drivers, two of
    You're right, there is the nVidia RAIDTOOL, downloaded from TYAN's
    support site - when you try to run it, it just closes itself.
    This would support your theory.
    Right. I tried reinstalling the driver downloaded from TYAN's
    website. Although it looks like the driver hasn't been updated.

    Long time waiting for boot... But there it is. Now it's only
    two volumes in My Computer. And it looks like it's rebuilding the
    arrays now.

    The only problem is that the array manager software still crashes.
    But at least the arrays seem to be OK now.
    A good one. Thanks, Paul.
    Mikko Peltoniemi, Jul 4, 2008
  4. I wonder if removing the vanilla SATA drivers from device manager
    would help here... I'm not sure if I want to try though, since
    the array itself seems to be working fine now, which was the main
    Mikko Peltoniemi, Jul 4, 2008
  5. Mikko Peltoniemi

    Paul Guest

    If the RAID driver is in place, the RAID management software will
    talk to that driver. Other drivers sitting on the boot drive,
    unused, won't make a difference.

    Paul, Jul 4, 2008
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