RAID problem with Tyan S2505T Tiger 200T mobo

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Repo Man, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Repo Man

    Repo Man Guest

    I have a server based upon a Tyan S2505T Tiger 200T motherboard with
    Promise RAID controller onboard. After a few years of running with 2
    Western Digital 120 GByte HDDs in mirrored (RAID 1) mode with Windows
    2000 Server and Small Business Server 2000 installed, one of the drives
    failed. I removed it until I could procure a replacement. I have been
    running the server in single HDD mode until the new HDDs arrived.

    The new drive is unformatted and I used the FastBuild utility in an
    attempt to rebuild the array using choice 5 in the top level menu. After
    3% of the disk copying has been completed, a message is displayed
    stating the source drive (the original HDD) has encountered an
    unspecified error. The same error is seen after I swapped in another
    spare HDD of the same model.

    I have run a disk error check on the several partitions of the original
    (source) disk and it does not show any problems.

    One of the partitions on the source disk contains a dedicated Windows
    swap area.

    I have not attempted to delete the existing array. It still exists in
    the Promise FastBuild software.

    The original documentation in the Tyan manual is sparse. Is my procedure
    incorrect? Any there any more detailed instructions as to how to
    successfully rebuild my mirrored RAID array.?
    Repo Man, Jul 10, 2005
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