RAID1 setup help - frustrated!

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by drmull, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Jul 1, 2006
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    I seem to have made something very difficult that shouldn't be!

    I have a GA-K8NSC-939. My old IDE drive was getting full, so I got 2 Maxtor 200GB SATA drives and wanted to create a RAID1 array. Here's what I did- right or wrong.

    1) I connected one of the SATA drives and used MaxBlast4 to format it and make it a bootable drive. I made sure the RAID drivers (all 15 files) were already installed in my system and then imaged the IDE drive to the SATA drive.

    2) Removed the IDE drive and booted from the SATA. No problems.

    3) Connected the 2nd SATA drive, did NOT format it (I was afraid of giving it a new drive letter for RAID mirror purposes), and went straight into the nVidia RAID setup utility. It saw both drives and I created the array - careful not to delete anything on drive 1.

    4) I knew I HAD to get the data over to the second drive (Gigabyte support told me to create the array and then "select duplicate from source drive to the destination drive". That choice was NOWHERE to be seen! Thinking it might happen by magic, I saved and exited the setup utility.

    5) With primary & secondary master RAID enabled, I let it try to boot. Of course, I got the "boot disk failure - insert system disk" message.

    6) I disabled RAID, yanked the blank 2nd drive, and booted from the 1st drive again. No problem.

    What have I done?? I'm assuming I could try rebuilding the array. When it asks me to select a disk inside the array to rebuild, which one should I pick? The one with data or the blank 2nd drive? That choice scares me to death! I REALLY don't want to wipe my 1st SATA drive and start all over. I guess what I'm asking is:

    Isn't what I'm trying to do just like replacing a failed disk in an array? Also, I don't have a grasp of exactly when in the rebuild process I need to enable primary & secondary master RAID in BIOS (so I can boot from the array).

    Thanks for any help...
    drmull, Jul 1, 2006
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