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raven woes

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Simon Berry, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Simon Berry

    Simon Berry Guest

    We have two Macraigor Raven for JTAG-ing...

    A while ago one of them starting working intermittedly, a few days later it
    collapsed and died. Its' power LED still lights when on, but it fails to
    connect to the target. Fortunately I have had the other Raven to work with.

    Now, however, the second Raven is starting to work intermittedly, which
    makes me worry about what will happen to it given the history of the first

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced Ravens dying on them,
    and more importantly if they managed to revive them afterwards.

    I have sent a similar message to Macgraigor, but given my previous
    experiences with them, I do not have much hope of a response.

    Simon Berry, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. Simon Berry

    Kevin Kramb Guest

    Yes, we have experienced Ravens dying. We have four or five. One is dead.
    Another is intermittent. They all worked fine originally. We got no
    from Macriagor on this issue (they've been helpful on other issues though).

    No, we have not had luck reviving them. I was suspicious that the DB25
    parallel port connector was intermittent. We replaced that connector on
    our dead Raven and that seemed to help, but it was short lived because now
    it seems dead again. We haven't experimented further because we have the
    others that are working.

    If you discover a fix, please share it.

    -- Kevin
    Kevin Kramb, Nov 26, 2003
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  3. Simon Berry

    Simon Berry Guest

    encouraged by your (albeit shortlived) success, I resoldered all through
    hole connections on the PCB, and gave the entire board a good cleaning with
    'flux-off' ... and low and behold - it works again ! but for how long ?
    time will tell.
    Simon Berry, Nov 26, 2003
  4. On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 16:33:22 +0200,

    I have a somewhat similar experience to what you describe. The raven
    that i use works "partly", i.e., i can connect to my target using
    GDB/Insight on cygwin on Windows, but the "Host" and "Target" LED's on
    the Raven box remain off. Only the power LED is on.

    I have tried getting the host software working on Linux (using
    Macraigor's proprietary kernel modules and GDB server stub. Also, i've
    been playing around with IAR System's C-Spy debugger. In both cases, the
    debuggers complain that "the cable is disconnected". This does not
    appear to be (solely) a hardware failure, as i have GDB/Insight working
    with the Raven on the same development host, as described above.

    Nevertheless, i wonder whether the software trouble can be caused by an
    unstable Raven.

    Tue Brems Olesen, Nov 26, 2003
  5. Simon Berry

    Simon Berry Guest

    I have tried getting the host software working on Linux (using
    I have also banged my head on this problem - in the end I had to have two
    hosts : one with Windows 2K/cygwin running the Macraigor "ArmlibRemote"
    module (with the RAVEN on its parallel port) - then I would connect from GDB
    via TCP from my Linux host
    just a stupid thought : I have also found that when the raven starts
    "misbehaving" it often helps to reduce the OCD speed - you may find that
    your GDB/Insight connection uses a slow OCD speed (say 8) and the other two
    environments (C-Spy & Linux) are connecting too fast ...
    Simon Berry, Nov 26, 2003
  6. Not at all stupid, that's what IAR systems mentions on their support
    pages as well: (http://www.iar.com/Support/?note=56775)

    "Sometimes Raven does not work well with C-SPY, even though it works with
    the OCD debugger.

    This is usually an indication that Raven works under light load, but are
    having trouble handling heavy load. C-SPY causes massive traffic during
    startup and normally stresses Raven more than the OCD debugger. A fast
    host computer will cause heavier traffic, thereby increasing the risk of
    communication problems.

    To simulate heavy load with the OCD debugger, try the following command:

    sf 1 4 0

    which means read 32-bit values starting at address 0 forever. This
    usually causes the OCD debugger to fail with Raven when C-SPY is having

    Surfing on Macraigor's site today, i discovered a small tool to test the
    connectivity to a RAVEN, attached to the parallel port. It's available
    on http://www.ocdemon.net/Rav_tstr.exe

    I tried the test tool, on several different development hosts, but
    couldn't get any other results than "EPP mode parallel port not found"
    (after ensuring that the BIOS settings for the parallel port was indeed
    "EPP mode"). This brings me closer to the conclusion that the Raven in
    question is dead.

    If anyone has experiences with the test tool mentioned above, please let
    me know!

    Tue Brems Olesen, Nov 26, 2003
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