Re: Anyone have a good Registry Sweaper to recommend?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by TM, May 24, 2008.

  1. TM

    TM Guest

    "William" <> wrote in message
    > "ytrewq" <> wrote in message
    > news:...
    >> Among free tools, I have read decent reviews of CCCleaner
    >> Personally, I have had good results with (paid) JV16 Powertools
    >> What are your "boot issues"?
    >> What is your OS? (XP, Vista, etc.)
    >> What makes you think your mobo is involved ith your "issues"?
    >> Have you done the usual diagnostics using msconfig?
    >> =================
    >> "William" <> wrote in message
    >> news:...
    >>>I have been trying to run down some weird boot problems on my mobo... I
    >>>downloaded a registry sweeper and found I had over 1425 errors. But the
    >>>program would only fix the first 24 without paying for the full version,
    >>>$49.95. That sounded a little expensive so I removed it from my computer
    >>>to look some more.
    >>> So I continued my search on Google. Their are a lot of them, with
    >>> varying degrees of functionality before you have to pay for the program.
    >>> This limits my ability to evaluate the program being used. I have
    >>> checked out Google, CNET, and Newegg. Not much help.
    >>> Does anyone have any experience using registry sweepers? I could use
    >>> some good advice.
    >>> William


    > ytrewq:
    > System: P5W DH Deluxe mobo, Intel E6850 cpu, 4gig of cl4 Crucial
    > Ballistic ram, Antec Neohe 500wt ps, ATI HD 3870 gpu, Hauppauge HVR-1800
    > ntsc/atsc tuner, MS XP Pro SP3, WindowBlinds skinning software.
    > It's a problem I have had ever since I purchased this P5W DH Deluxe mobo.
    > My previous builds did not have this problem with Win XP. --- When the
    > computer boots, it randomly does not show all the taskbar icons in the
    > lower right of the bar for the programs running. Often, I see no Windows
    > Defender, or the MS Volume Control speaker, or the Safely Remove Hardware
    > (for my memory sticks), or Norton Protection Center icon.
    > It is particularly bad after updating the system that requires a reboot,
    > such as updates from MS and WindowBlinds. But all updates requiring
    > reboots seem to cause these problems. The task bar seems to straighten
    > itself out after about 5 to 8 reboots, sometimes requiring completely
    > turning off everything once or twice. I miss having the icons handy for
    > quick use.
    > ---
    > Last night I was moving some mpg files around after recording them off of
    > the tuner. Whenever I use MS Explorer and touch files that have been
    > recorded off of the ATSC tuner, MS Explorer crashes (I forgot to not do
    > this last night - again.) In the past when I press send a report, and
    > press show me more stuff, MS had nothing to offer me. But last night the
    > show me more pointed to the file '' and said I should delete it.
    > So I did, and MS Explorer works. Step two said I should remove the
    > reference from the registry if deleting the file didn't work.
    > Out of curiosity I went to the net and did a search on '' to see
    > what it was. I found out it is a compression/decompression dll for mpg
    > files. It apparently has not been updated to handle 1080i ATSC content,
    > so it has a problem. I'm guessing it is a leftover dll from some program
    > that has long been removed from my system. So this lead me to the registry
    > sweepers available to correct these problems. I know that doing anything
    > in the registry is critical to the system so I didn't want to go to far
    > without seeking advice.
    > I apparently have accumulated quite a bit of garbage in my registry from
    > updates and would like to clean it out in the hope of improving my task
    > bar problem, boot time, and efficiency of the operating system.
    > William

    If it'll make you feel better, CCleaner does remove those remnants left
    behind from uninstalls. And it's a very "gentle" program; I'd doubt you'd
    ever screw anything up using it (unlike some other cleaners).

    Will it (or any other "cleaner") solve all of your stated problems? Probably
    TM, May 24, 2008
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  2. TM

    Robert Ford Guest

    "TM" <> wrote in news:eq%Zj.54$:

    > If it'll make you feel better, CCleaner does remove those remnants
    > left behind from uninstalls. And it's a very "gentle" program; I'd
    > doubt you'd ever screw anything up using it (unlike some other
    > cleaners).

    Yea, but that is because CCleaner is very frugal about what it does remove.
    JV16 will find hundreds of invalid reg entries that CCleaner won't find.
    But CCleaner is much safer to use than a poweful tool like JV16 and is why
    I use it over JV16. Size of registry doesn't affect OS performance on XP
    and Vista like it did with Win9x etc. so no real need to use JV16 anymore.
    Robert Ford, Jun 8, 2008
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