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Re: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe with 8Gb

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Paul, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    stoorob wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I've recently upgraded my ASUS P5W DH Delux motherboard with the
    > following:
    > Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
    > 2x Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 PC2 6400 800MHz
    > It used to have 2Gb of memory and the E4300 cpu. I installed Windows 7
    > (64 bit) prior to receiving the new processor and ram.
    > The PSU is a Corsair 520W.
    > I also updated the BIOS to version 3001.
    > When I installed the new components I was only able to see 3.12Gb in
    > Windows. I subsequently changed the BIOS setting for memory remapping
    > (leaving everything else with default values).
    > The BIOS now reports the full 8GB but when Windows loads it freezes
    > completely. Rebooting into safe mode also freezes. When I change
    > memory mapping to disabled I am able to boot OK.
    > Any ideas?
    > Thanks,
    > Stu

    I would try 3x2GB = 6GB as your next test case.
    Just in case the chipset actually has an 8GB
    hardware addressing limit.

    There are something like 4000+ threads over
    on the vip.asus.com forums. And lots of people
    seem to be trying >4GB configs. But the people
    who post, never seem to come back to report the
    resolution of their problem, what it took to make
    it stable or whatever. I read about 2% of the threads
    here and gave up.

    http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx...=1&model=P5W DH Deluxe&page=1&SLanguage=en-us

    The datasheet for the 975X is here. At times, it
    gives the impression the address space stops at 8GB
    total. And yet, when you look at remapbase and remaplimit,
    they go to 36 bit addresses (64GB). So you should be
    able to have 8GB memory (mapped in two chunks), plus
    the address space needed for video cards and busses.
    And it should fit within the 36 bits of address bus.
    If I just read the register definitions, it doesn't
    look like it's (8GB minus video cards), but more
    like (8GB plus video cards) in terms of address space.
    So Windows should be reporting pretty close to the
    entire 8GB. There have been chipsets in the past,
    that stopped at 8GB, and got "cranky" when you got
    close to 8.


    The BIOS is the unknown ingredient. When I started reading
    the threads on vip.asus.com, I was hoping I'd quickly
    see advice like "don't use BIOS revision X.X". So far,
    I'm not seeing that. But I've only read 2% of the
    threads, so it may take a while to find "paydirt".

    I also saw a suggestion to increase Northbridge voltage,
    as if running four sticks needed more voltage. Now,
    other Intel chipsets seem to survive without doing
    that, so I'm not convinced that has anything to do
    with it either.

    Your old processor was a Core2 Duo and the new one is
    a Core2 Duo, and other than activation issues, the
    HAL (hardware abstraction layer) used by the OS should
    remain the same. ACPI multiprocessor, or the like. So
    that probably isn't it.

    If you're particularly motivated, load up a Linux x64
    CD and see what it does when the 8GB is plugged in. The
    only reason I suggest that, is in case the text mode
    startup, printed something "interesting" on the screen,
    before the boot dies. You may have to edit the boot
    command line, removing items like "splash" and "quiet",
    so you can see the text. On Ubuntu, the control keys
    might be "F6" and "esc", to get access to the boot
    command line. "esc" dismisses the popup menu, so you
    can finish editing the boot command line. This download
    isn't practical if you're on dialup, but cable or
    ADSL should be fine. They're typically 700MB.


    Paul, Nov 20, 2010
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