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Re: clip on keyboard connector broken...ideas?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by mm, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. mm

    mm Guest

    On Fri, 8 Oct 2010 16:47:16 -0500, Lulz <>

    >Somebody decided to play grabass with an open bottle of water in their
    >hands and dropped it on my laptop. There was no damage, but while
    >attempting to clean it up ASAP, i broke the clip on the connector for my
    >If I put the ribbon cable into the connector, put the clip back on, and
    >apply slight pressure to the middle of the clip, they keyboard works
    >fine, but the clip won't apply enough pressure on its own to make the
    >connection. I tried using a piece of paper taped to the top of the clip,
    >but with the keyboard being flexible, it still doesn't apply enough
    >Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried contacting a couple repair shops
    >and they told me to buy a broken Acer mobo and take the clip from that,
    >but I'd rather not take the risk of buying a mobo just to break another
    >clip. I thought about trying superglue or epoxy, but I figured I'd get
    >some other opinions before I took it too far.

    i'VE NEVER gotten anything to stick with superglue, not even my
    fingers together. And I'm careful to use it right, and to try using
    less and to try using more.

    I usually first use Ambroid Cement (available in orange tubes only at
    hobby stores, for assembling models I guess. I first got a tube from a
    cartorn of crushed and distorted tubes at a NYC hardware store. It
    lasts forever if you close the tube after using. I like Ambroid
    because it is pretty strong, sticks to almost everything, and can be
    broken off by hand when necessary. If it breaks when I don't want it
    to, I go on to epoxy usually.

    When I want something stronger, I use 5-minute epoxee in the syringe,
    and it sounds like that's what you should use here.

    For bulkier jobs than this one, I use PC-7 or PC-11. They can be put
    on a leaking dripping pipe, and if when it sags you keep pushing it up
    to the pipe again, it will still harden and be waterproof.
    Incredible. You can put vaseline on the threads of a wine sack, and
    mold a new cap around the mouth of the container. Withstands heat up
    to 200F or more.

    I use contact cement for gluing fabrics and things that have to bend.
    Weldwood used to make two kinds, in red tube and a white tube. The
    white tube didn't work so well. Maybe it had gone bad, since it
    smelled bad, but I stick to the red tube now.

    >For now, I'm using a USB keyboard, but I still keep trying to use the
    >built in one lol.
    mm, Oct 10, 2010
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