Re: Continuous hard disk activity - Please help...getting crazy!

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Erick, Sep 15, 2006.

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    I have replaced the WD drive with a Seagate 320 GB Sata II. It's noticably quieter, but I can still hear those intermittent quiet clicks/chirps. So I conclude there is clearly nothing wrong with the drives themselves.

    The chirps seem to be initiated mainly when the drive accesses data. For instance, I load a webpage - I hear the drive working as expected, and then after the page seems completely loaded, I hear those soft clicks hanging around for the next 20 seconds or so, one per second. When the computer is totally idle, the clicks almost never show up. So a more accurate description of the problem might be "soft clicks/chirps lingering for 20 seconds after HD access."

    I have a total of 43-44 processes running with no programs open. Of the processes listed by Jay B to kill, I have the following running:


    Russell mentioned changing a Sata cable, which if faulty would cause a sound that is "very rhythmic, that is, an identical sound every second or two."

    Could the very soft, quiet, rhythmic clicks (almost chirps) be due to a faulty Sata cable? Remember that the computer is new, and runs really fast.

    My Dell BIOS has a "HDD Acoustics setting." Does anyone know whether changing this setting will help? (The choices are "Bypass," "Quiet," "Suggested," and "Performance.")
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    Ben H., Nov 15, 2006
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