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Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Paul, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Celox wrote:
    > read this post or follow this link ->
    > #post3290511
    > hi,
    > i setup a new rig and ever since i got it up and running im
    > experiencing a annoying problem i couldnt get rid off.
    > In the past four weeks i have been looking everywhere for an answer
    > but nothing would help.
    > My Problem is as follows:
    > My system freezes after a cold startup.
    > As an example, when i get back home from work i start my rig, bios
    > posts without problems, vista x64 startups fine, after 5mins or so
    > work my system just freezes, i cant move my mouse or type on the
    > keyboard etc..
    > Now the fun part: After i restart it using the reset button it
    > passes bios and windows startup fine, i can work and even prime95
    > test my system for hours, it wont freeze at all.
    > It does it only when my rig was shutdown for more then 6hours. (I
    > havent experienced it after just 1-2hours only around 6h+)
    > my rig:
    > Gigabyte X48t-DQ6
    > Core 2 Quad Q9550
    > 2x 1GB OCZ PC3-14400 Platinum Edition (gone upgrade later to 4x 1gb)
    > 1 x wd Velociraptor 300gb /w ice pack
    > 1x toshiba cd/dvd writer
    > 1 x gainward ati radeon 4870
    > Xigmatek 1283
    > corsair hx620 psu
    > chasis antec 182p
    > My bios settings:
    > Code:
    > Robust Graphics Booster Auto
    > CPU Clock Ratio 8.5x
    > CPU Frequency 333FSB
    > CPU Host Clock Control Enabled
    > CPU Host Frequency (MHz) 333
    > PCI Express Frequency (MHz) 100
    > C.I.A.2 Disabled
    > Performance Enhanced With Standard
    > System Memory Multiplier 4.00B
    > DRAM Timing Selectable Manual
    > CAS Latency Time 8
    > DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay 8
    > DRAM RAS# Precharge 8
    > Precharge delay (tRAS) 24
    > ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD) Auto
    > Rank Write To READ Delay Auto
    > Write To Precharge Delay Auto
    > Refresh to ACT Delay Auto
    > Read to Precharge Delay Auto
    > Static tRead Value Auto
    > Static tRead Phase Adjust Auto
    > Command Rate 1T
    > CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving 800mV
    > CPU Clock Skew Control Normal
    > (G)MCH Clock Skew Control Normal
    > System Voltage Control Manual
    > DDR3 Overvoltage Control (+)0.40
    > PCI-E Overvoltage Control Normal
    > FSB Overvoltage Control Normal
    > (G)MCH Overvoltage Control Normal
    > Loadline Calibration Disabled
    > CPU Voltage Control Normal
    > Bios version is F5
    > temp at cold startup is around 29-35 degree
    > running Windows x64 with latest SP incl. updates and latest
    > component drivers:
    > Driver for Intel X48 (INF Update Utility v9.0.0.1008)
    > Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver v8.5.0.1032
    > (my velociraptor runs on the intel ich9R ahci controller /w ncq)
    > ati catalyst driver v8.8
    > RealTek Audio (Vista_R204)
    > RealTek LAN v6.208
    > i run out of ideas for a solution for this problem, maybe someone
    > here has an idea
    > (sorry for my english, im german)
    > don't use the e-mail adresse. its an antispam adresse.

    I see Command Rate is set to 1T. Are these systems capable
    of handling 1T, and at what clock frequency does 2T
    become necessary ? I don't know the answer to that, and
    I'd have to read a few thousand posts to get some idea
    about it. "Command Rate" controls the issue of addresses
    or commands over the memory address bus, and a 2T setting
    means the address is presented for two cycles.

    Command Rate 2T - Address is sampled on the second cycle.
    First cycle provides additional setup time.

    X Address X Address X

    I see you're also running your RAM at 1.5 + 0.4 = 1.9V.
    Did you need all of that to get the RAM stable ?
    Have you experimented at all with the memory, to see how
    sensitive it is to the individual settings, with the
    conditions you're currently using ?

    An alternate test you can try, is to cold boot a
    Linux LiveCD like Knoppix or Ubuntu. If Linux also
    freezes in five minutes, then you can be pretty sure
    it is a hardware problem.

    In terms of test sequences, have you tried

    1) Cold boot the OS causing the problem.
    2) When the desktop appears, and before there is a freeze,
    do a restart. Does the system freeze five minutes after
    the second boot cycle ?

    or this one.

    1) Turn on the power to the computer.
    2) Before the computer starts the booting sequence, press the
    reset button just once.
    3) Allow the system to "cold boot" and see if it freezes.

    I'm trying to tell here, whether the stable system condition,
    is due to the reboot of the OS, or due to the pressing of
    the reset button. It could be that pressing the reset
    button, causes the BIOS to do something different.

    Paul, Sep 15, 2008
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