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Discussion in 'ECS' started by Paul, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Pete Rynas wrote:
    > does the geforce 7600 GT or the geforse 7200GS have a power connector? i
    > can't find one and think that may be some of the prob? i have the connector
    > from the power supply but no where to hook it up ???

    The 7600GT follows the design principles of the 6600GT before it.
    The 6600GT drew up to 4 amps of current through the PCI Express x16
    connector, and did not use a separate power connector. The 7600GT
    is the same way, and does not have a connector.

    There are also AGP versions of the 7600GT (have the HSI bridge near the GPU),
    and those have a Molex connector. The reason for that, is the power supply
    pins on the AGP slot, have different capabilities than the PCI Express
    slot does. So the AGP one did need the connector, because there are too few
    12V pins on the AGP slot. The AGP slot delivers more 3.3V current,
    as far as I know, but they didn't want to use that for the video
    card core and memory power converters. The 12V from the Molex on that
    card, makes it easier to design a power converter.

    Since your card is a PCI Express x16 card, they don't need a separate
    power connector.

    When the power consumption gets high enough, like the 8800GTX, then they
    use up to two extra connectors for power. The 7600GT is a lower power
    card, so that isn't needed.

    Paul, Apr 17, 2008
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