Re: inspiron e1505 blinking battery/charge light

Discussion in 'Dell' started by S.Lewis, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. S.Lewis

    S.Lewis Guest

    Steve -

    The battery should have a self-test button on the bottom with (5) green LEDs
    indicating strength/charge. Have you had a go at it yet?

    From the Dell E1505 docs:

    "Check the battery status light -

    If the battery status light flashes orange or is a steady orange the battery
    charge is low or depleted. Connect the computer to an electrical outlet.

    If the battery status light flashes green and orange, the battery is too hot
    to charge. Shut down the computer, disconnect the computer from the
    electrical outlet, and then let the battery and computer cool to room

    If the battery status light rapidly flashes orange, the battery may be
    defective. Contact Dell. See Contacting Dell.

    Check the battery temperature -

    If the battery temperature is below 0°C (32°F), the computer will not start

    Test the electrical outlet -

    Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another
    device, such as a lamp.

    Check the AC adapter -

    Check the AC adapter cable connections. If the AC adapter has a light,
    ensure that the light is on.

    Connect the computer directly to an electrical outlet -

    Bypass power protection devices, power strips, and the extension cable to
    verify that the computer turns on.

    Eliminate possible interference -

    Turn off nearby fans, fluorescent lights, halogen lamps, or other

    Adjust the power properties - "

    S.Lewis, Nov 26, 2008
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