Re-install Win or wipe and start clean

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Bryan, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    3 month old 8400 w/MCE.
    I know the best thing to do is wipe (format) and re-install everything, but
    I have a lot of crap all ready installed, and only had my 8400 for a few
    months, but I need to get some things cleaned up. Specifically any video
    editing software I didn't purchase, trials, of adobe, pinnacle, etc, I only
    have Roxio 7 (not the best, but..) and what came with dell, Movie Maker and
    the sonic lite crap. So my registry needs to be cleaned up, codec's fixed
    up, dll's, etc.
    So all in all I know the best performance would be a format and install XP
    MCE from the DVD, but can I install over the existing copy and achieve most
    of this? I have so many little apps I'm thinking it'll be a 12-16 hr job to
    format, install, update everything.
    The main reason I want to go clean is so I can get the DVR function (MCE) to
    stop failing over 50% of the time! The fall season is getting here fast, and
    I desperately need a 3rd recording device (All ready have 2 Tivo's) to catch
    all the shows I want while I'm at work during prime time.
    Can MCE even be installed over itself (repair I suppose it'd be)? If I
    format, should I keep the 4M and 4G partitions (drive F & G)? I suppose one
    is the dell Image, even tho I have no option of creating a restore CD.
    Should I try some reg cleaners and live with it until I'm ready to do a full
    wipe and re-install, which I seem to do about yearly.

    Bryan, Aug 21, 2005
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