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Re: Installing on new drive and hardware error?

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by DoN. Nichols, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. DoN. Nichols

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    On 2010-01-05, Raymond Toy <> wrote:
    > Ok. In my continuing saga of getting Solaris 10 installed on my Blade
    > 1000, I have now replaced the apparently faulty drive with a new FC
    > drive. At first, it seemed the drive was faulty, but I think it's ok.
    > I can run format on it and the tests (including verify) pass. It's the
    > only drive attached, so I know it has to be correct.

    O.K. After formatting it -- did you label it? (Usually after
    partitioning if it is a second drive -- but the partitioning will be
    otherwise set to a default based on the size of the drive -- and
    probably changed by the install process.

    But format is only a low-level format. You need to do the label
    (another option from within the format program). Once it is labeled,
    the OS should recognize it.

    > But now when I try to install Sol10 over the network, the install gets
    > part way through and says the one or more drives have been found but
    > install cannot proceed because of either 1) Hardware failure or 2)
    > unformatted drive.

    "Unformatted" probably means "not labeled" in this case.

    > Now what? Is the drive actually bad? Is there a HW error on the FC
    > HBA? Something else?

    Note that if it is a FC drive which has been used in a hardware
    RAID array, you will have difficulty formatting it at first. There is
    only one sequence which I know to work (from a booted system) This is
    from memory, so I might have something wrong.

    1) Plug in the drive.

    2) issue the command "devfsadm -c disk -C" to make the necessary
    device entries (including symlinks from /dev/c1t2d0s* to the
    actual special device files) -- assuming that this is a second
    drive in the machine)

    3) "format -e c1t2d0" (Assuming that you are formatting the
    second drive in a SB-1000 or SB-2000. Note that you don't need
    to type the slice (e.g. "s2") for the format command.

    4) as the *first* command from within format -- let it auto-detect
    the drive type. (If you do *anything* else in format, such as
    trying to partition it, you'll have to start over.)

    5) It will then print a message saying that it needs to reformat
    to change the sector size to 512 bytes. Accept this, and sit
    back for a while (an hour or more depending on the size of the

    6) Once this is done, partition and label the drive. Because
    of the "-e" option, you will get two choices of label formats,
    and you should pick the first of the two, even if it is
    currently the second one -- which is an other RAID format.)

    Note that if you formatted the drive before with no troubles,
    this does not apply to this drive -- but it *did* to a collection of 20
    72GB FC-AL drives which I got from a hamfest for $10.00 each. Once this
    is done, the drive is fine and ready for use.

    > I ran OBP test-all and it didn't return anything.
    > I even attached an external USB drive and the network install did
    > install (a while back) onto the USB drive.

    O.K. Were you able to boot from that? If using the built-in
    USB port (USB 1.2, I think) it would have been very slow.

    > (The old FC drive did come back to life for a bit and I was able to
    > update OBP to the latest 4.16.x version.)


    > Any hints on what to look at? Or is the Blade 1000 essentially dead?

    Mostly, check whether the drive has been labeled after

    Good Luck,

    Email: <> | Voice (all times): (703) 938-4564
    (too) near Washington D.C. | http://www.d-and-d.com/dnichols/DoN.html
    --- Black Holes are where God is dividing by zero ---
    DoN. Nichols, Jan 5, 2010
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