Re: Intel DQ965GF Motherboard NO BOOT, NO POST

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Bob Bailin, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Bob Bailin

    Bob Bailin Guest

    Check out the Intel Processor Compatibility tool for this board:

    You'll see that the E6700 should work with all mb revision numbers,
    including yours.

    A 350W power supply is inadequate, and I don't think a 20-pin
    connector is adequate either (you'd need to use a 20- to 24-pin
    adapter). Buy or borrow a better PS. I assume you remembered
    to connect the 4-pin CPU power connector.

    The one surefire test to see if your CPU is working is to power up
    the motherboard with absolutely nothing connected other than the
    CPU, the power supply and the front panel switches, including
    the speaker (if the motherboard doesn't already have one). That
    is to say, no memory, no video. If the CPU is working, it will send
    out a series of beeps complaining about no memory present.

    Bob Bailin, Jun 2, 2008
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