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Re: New 9800 GT.. will not install because computer automaticallyfinds old 6150 LE.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by deimos, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. deimos

    deimos Guest

    guiffen wrote:
    > Hello yet again,
    > = *Rant Begins, problem below rant* =
    > I've accepted that my 6150 LE is dead and bought a new card, the 9800
    > GT. Unfortunately, uninstalling the 6150 is seemingly impossible, while
    > installing the 9800 is also a similarly "easy" task. I'm a few split
    > hairs away from a psycologically bald brain. If this doesn't work, I'm
    > tossing Nvidia all together and will be absolutely sure never to support
    > them in the future. I can find no aid from the Nvidia questionnaire as
    > I'm asked to talk to the vendor that sold it to me. I have zero
    > (relevent) aid from the kind Staples' folk whom have tried their best
    > over the phone.. and NVIDIA.com and subsequent forums they mention to
    > visit are no help at all.
    > You guys have been the only ones to even post suggestions that might
    > help, such as using Driver Sweeper, which in the end, did not work;
    > With that, I must beg your assistance again with this new hardware.
    > = *Rant ends, problem begins* =
    > Upon attaching the new 9800 GT on a Windows XP 32-bit system, I have
    > had no luck in having my computer recognize the drivers. Any drivers
    > except the 6150 LE which is no longer in the computer. I have tried
    > uninstalling the drivers which automatically re-install themselves upon
    > restart without any input from myself. Eventually, I've gone as far as
    > uninstalling anything that has the brand name Nvidia on it to see what
    > it will do. I've tried restarting the computer in safe mode after the
    > uninstalling of drivers and running Driver Sweeper to clear whatever may
    > be left over. Upon doing this and restarting normally; the 6150 still
    > appears under the "Display" menu in Device Manager only it's "broken"
    > (little yellow exclamation mark) instead of obliterated from my computer
    > as it should be. I hoped that might be enough to then try installing
    > the 9800 from the CD provided. No effect. Installing the 9800 might as
    > well not have even happened. at all. No change, nothing.
    > Anyway, thanks for your time.. Nvidia will have lost me for good if
    > this can't get resolved as I can't rely on them or their vendors to have
    > reliable support or product regardless of quality. I don't get angry
    > easily at all but I'm so ****ed I could falcon punch holes in the wall.
    > I apologize for the rant but it's skippable. I eagerly await any
    > reply, thanks.

    Normally the 6150 LE is an integrated chip on many motherboards..., so
    how'd you get it out of there?

    Go into your BIOS, disable the integrated video (or set video memory to
    none, sometimes this is an OEM's way of disabling), and use whatever
    recent drivers you like with the 9800GT. Also, "Primary VGA" might have
    to be set to PCIE.

    I can't think of any systems I've seen as of late with a jumper setting
    on the motherboard to disable onboard video, but take a look anyway.
    deimos, Sep 12, 2009
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