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Re: Overclocking Q6600

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Ed Medlin, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Ed Medlin

    Ed Medlin Guest

    "Phil Weldon" <> wrote in message
    > 'Random' wrote, in part:
    >> I've had this processor for a while now, its the one with G0 stepping so
    >> overclockable. It used to run it fine at v1.40 core voltage at 3.2ghz by
    >> having a 400 fsb and 8 multiplyer, it passed Prime 95 for 2 hours but I
    >> noticed the PSU got very hot, so I decided to just run it at stock. It
    >> was just a cheap 550w PSU.

    > _____
    > Your reported temperatures for the CPU are quite good; very low, in fact,
    > for air cooling with a Q6600 @ 1.4 volts and 3.2 GHz. The 1.4 volts seems
    > a bit high, especially for a mere 3.2 GHz.
    > "Quite hot" is not a very useful term - it really isn't a precise enough
    > basis on which to make decisions. Certainly not enough to warrant
    > changing components. Check through prior posts in this newsgroup for
    > threads on overclocking a Q6600, especially those by 'Ed Medlin'.
    > You haven't mentioned WHAT thermal paste you used. But never mind, there
    > is VERY little difference in the performance of one compared to another,
    > even butter does pretty well for the short run. There probably was no
    > reason to replace your NorthBridge heatsink. A good check to now:
    > Overclock the FSB to 400 MHz, but set the multiplier for the CPU to lower
    > than normal; this should give a differential diagnosis as to whether the
    > problem is with the new NorthBridge heatsink (or its installation.) Or
    > you could reinstall the original NorthBridge heatsink. It could be that
    > the new heatsink is not particularly flat and smooth. Or you could have
    > incorrectly applied thermal paste, or incorrectly installed the heatsink.
    > You haven't posted your motherboard either, a very important bit of
    > information for diagnosis. Nor your ambient room temperature, also
    > important. Nor your highest successful overclock speed test in your new
    > configuration. Nor what core voltages you have tried. Nor, in fact, why
    > you violated the first rule; if it ain't broken, don't fix it. So, among
    > other things, you might just try restoring everything to your original
    > successful overclocking setup.
    > Phil Weldon

    Peanut butter (creamy) also works quite well but get a bit "crusty" after a
    few weeks....:) Like Phil said, your temps are very good for that vcore.
    3.4+ should be possible using that high a vcore, depending on other factors
    like your NB chipset ect. With an Asus Striker Extreme (NV 680i chipset) I
    get 3.2Ghz with only 1.2vcore and no temperature issues at all with liquid
    cooling. Properly installing your thermal paste is very important. Over at
    the Arctic Silver website they give a good example on applying it correctly
    for the C2 Quads. I don't think their compound is much, if any better than
    plain Radio Shack compound, but the instructions are good and do work.
    I am getting ready to start a project a bit early because of a SATA
    controller issue on this system in which I have lost 2 channels out of 6 and
    one took out a HDD with it. This has been an ongoing issue with the Asus
    680i boards for me. I just ordered an i7 920 processor and an Asus P6T
    Deluxe MB and will see how far the Nehalem will go with just air cooling. I
    am going bottom of the line with the processor for right now at under $300
    at Newegg. I am seeking overall performance on this build and ordered 6 gigs
    of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 PC1600 for 3 channel operation and will use Vista
    Ultimate 64bit as my OS. I will recycle my two 8800 GTX cards in SLI and
    will probably move a single 8800 GTS I still have over to this system when I
    put in a spare P5N32-SLI MB if it shows signs of any more issues. I am
    shooting for mid-3Ghz for the 920 if possible. I guess someone has to be the
    "goat" with these processors....:). I would have rather waited a few
    months, but with the issues I am having, I don't trust this system much
    longer. It has been an excellent performer, but has been disappointing as
    far as my standards go with reliability.

    Ed Medlin
    Ed Medlin, Dec 9, 2008
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