Re: PB Multimedia 820 - 1.07 bios

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Rich/rerat, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Rich/rerat

    Rich/rerat Guest

    I have I PB MM955 w/K6 333Mhz that uses the 850/FR500 motherboard.
    I have a copy of the v.1.09pb-850mb bios. It might be the same one that you
    have, but if it is not, then I can it to you via email (150kb zip file).

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    I'm trying to restore my old PB MM820 back to factory, mostly due to
    nostalgia. Turns out I had upgraded the bios to the eu 2.03 bios some
    years back when attempting to install a bigger hard drive, so my
    master cd wouldn't work. The floppy I had the old 1.07 bios backed up
    on died, so I was left scouring the internet. I found the 1.09 bios,
    but it appears to be a generic FR500 bios. It did get the machine
    working, and in turn the master cd was able to restore. However, some
    of the packages that shipped with the computer didn't install with
    this restore. Now I know how to manually install them, but I want to
    know if anyone has a copy of the 1.07 bios (which was the latest US
    bios at the time) for the MM820 backed up somewhere, or if there's a
    place I can download it?
    Rich/rerat, Dec 17, 2011
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