Re Re: PLZ Help! Does anyone know where i can download a PackardbellMaster CD for IMedia 4600 Thank

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by SkyFox, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. SkyFox

    SkyFox Guest

    Hi i am not thet other person metonid, i dont understand what you meant!

    I have been looking at a friends Packardbell 4600, that is playing up.

    Note! PC originally had these slow down problems untill i removed teknum services
    update.exe and all handybits from PC and Registry PC was fine when restart.
    But Friend said that the next day it started to run slow again then PC would not
    boot,exceot for only in safe mode, but a reinstall over top with Win ME, from the
    Windows/Options/Install folder from a dos prompt!

    But now when in windows ME everything runs really slow and Explorer crashes
    a lot Resources are at 88% as i have removed everything from startup in MSCONFIG.
    Ran various updated virus scanners and Spyware tools in safe mode.
    Ran 2 Reg Cleaner/Repairs.

    Still same problem, Runs fine in safe mode, and if i remove all hardware in
    device manager PC will boot up and mouse will move etc fast untill windows
    has found all hardware then after that its back to slow!

    Maybe Driver Problem?

    However when in Dos i deleted and replaced with new Explorer.exe
    PC runs smooth untill it has to be restarted then, it runs slow again.
    Re copy Explorer in dos from bootdisk and again runs fine until restart
    Then problem reoccurs this has baffled me it could be a unfound/new
    worm, a Driver conflict or EMI settings?

    Any how PC Came with DVD Rom, but i installed a Teach DVDRW tried to
    run the Master CD Program but it says no CD Writer, Primo DVD that
    the smart restore uses to create Master CDs from Partition, wont detect
    DVDRW Drive, this is maybe due to Software to old to detect Drive
    Drive is 2 years old ish and PC is 5-6 years old.

    Using new version of Primo the Master CD creator software says worng
    ver of Primo, well it cant use the lastest ver!

    So i can not Write or Acces the Recover Partition, i know there is one as
    Fdisk Reports 17GB Fat32 Primary Dos Partition Active, and a 1.6GB Non
    Dos Partition that can not be removed!

    So how else can i access this partion or copy its contents onto a unhidden
    Partition or folder to burn to CD using Nero ETC.

    I have fitted a new Drive and Installed Win ME that detected all drivers except
    for the Modem, which i have downloaded prior, but no need as PC is on Cable
    Modem Setup.

    So not a problem but PC now has none of the Packardbell software, i.e
    the Apps, Active Board Acitive Surf, Smart Restore ETC, can these be obtained
    seperate or downloaded.

    Or any ideas on how to get the Recover Partition on to CDs, off another Hard Drive
    with Fresh install of Win ME, or on Orginal HDD when Master CD creation software
    can not be run due to points above!

    Thank You

    The KiD

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    SkyFox, Apr 14, 2006
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