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Re: SONY Vaio GRX600 LCD problem: Sony needs input if it is a widespread defect or random. If your G

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by dr news, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. dr news

    dr news Guest

    Update from Sony: they had originally estimated $763 to replace what may be
    a defective LCD screen. While not admitting any problem, they have revised
    an offer to repair non-working LCD screens on the GRX600 for $550 and this
    will include labor, parts, shipping and a 6 month warranty. A lot of money
    for a system that shouldn't have failed. Thank you to those that have
    responded to this note; and those that have sent mail directly to me. It
    looks as if we may have stumbled onto a general part failure on the Sony
    GRX600. But too early to tell. dr

    NOTE: This discussion is about failed LCD screens with "no physical damage
    or abuse".

    If you have a failed unit, contact me, and I'll give you the direct line to
    Sony's NCR and you can accept their offer. Otherwise, wait, as I think this
    is still a defect, and should be repaired/replaced for free, although it may
    be on a case-by-base basis.
    dr.news //stores.ebay.com/better-price-wireless (not better than you
    deserve, just more than you are used to)

    "dr news" <-obvious> wrote in message
    SONY Vaio GRX600 LCD problem: Sony needs input if it is a widespread defect
    or random. If your GRX600LCD failed, please reply & call Sony

    Sony Vaio PCG-GRX600 Users World Wide, please unite:

    I have a Sony Vaio, an awesome machine. When the LCD screen failed/stopped
    working (no physical damage), and the external monitor kept working, I
    thought I'd just buy another Vaio instead. I went on the web, and I found
    that of the 41 Sony Vaio's for sale that 39 had the same problem?
    Coincidence I thought. Then I went to ebay, and of three Sony's for sale,
    two had the same problem. And the one that was working, had already been
    repaired for an LCD problem. Coincidence?

    If you have a GRX600 Sony Vaio, and the LCD is failed, you are requested to
    call Sony and reply to this post. (Alternatively, if you have a Sony Vaio
    GRX600, and want to say how awesome the working LCD is, that is welcome as
    well; and you can call Sony too :) )

    Sony says no one is experiencing this problem. I disagree. The unit is
    almost 4 years old. But federal law states that the consumer is entitled to
    reasonable expectation that the unit will work; which applies to operational
    defects and is not bound by warranty. Accordingly, if the "many" Sony
    PCG-GRX600s fail because of the LCD (not broken or damaged, just fails) then
    we have some protection under the law.

    My request to you: If you have a Sony PCG-GRX600 -AND- the LCD isn't working
    (but not physically damaged) then please contact Sony at the Sony Direct
    Response Center and have a work order ticket made out. If there is a
    pattern, it needs to be presented to Sony. If there is no pattern, that is
    okay too, and lack of input will say my problem, and the number of Sony
    units with bad LCD may just be random. But I don't think so.

    Sony Direct Response Center
    12451 Gateway Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33913
    (239) 561-7669

    Please only call if you have a problem; alternatively if you love your Sony
    they might want to hear from you as well. But my concern is about a
    possible defect in the LCD, specific to the PCG-GRX600 (an otherwise awesome
    and FAST machine)

    Also, please post a reply to this note if you are having problems with your
    LCD. Sony Model PCG-GRX600 only. And I'll do the leg work for you: but
    only if there is a pattern. No pattern, and I'll let this issue drop.


    dr.news //stores.ebay.com/better-price-wireless (not better than you
    deserve, just more than you are used to)

    dr.news //stores.ebay.com/better-price-wireless (not better than you
    deserve, just more than you are used to)
    dr news, Mar 21, 2006
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