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Re: Tablet PC recommendations for college student.

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Tim Marman, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Tim Marman

    Tim Marman Guest

    The 900mhz Pentium M is actually faster than the 1.3ghz PIII-M.

    The mHz/gHz number tells how many cycles are executed in a second. In
    other words, a 1 gHz machine executes 1 billion cycles per second.

    The reason the Pentium M chip is faster is because they've increased the
    number of instructions that are executed in a cycle. So, even though
    there are less cycles, each cycle does more. It's the same way you can't
    compare the RISC chips in an Mac to the clock speed of a Pentium.

    I personally just got the Acer c110 because I wanted the convertible,
    and I can tell you I'm very, very happy with the purchase. As
    unscientific as it sounds, it definitely "felt" a lot faster than the

    The Acer is one of the better deals as far as price/performance. 900mhz
    Centrino, 512 MB DDR RAM, 30-40GB HD. If you go for the lesser model
    (10GB less HD and no firewire CD-RW/DVD), it can be had for around 1700
    with rebate. I paid 2000 for mine.

    I've heard great things about the Motions too, and I'm sure the new
    Centrino version is even better.

    The Electrovayas have amazing battery life (like 8 hours) but most
    others are in the 3.5 hr range.

    The Centrinos SHOULD be better in battery life (because they run slower,
    less power is needed). However, I've heard there haven't been
    significant differences in some of the new Centrino models compared to
    their predecessors.

    As others have said, the important thing is to decide how you're going
    to use it and if you need the keyboard. Do you have a laptop now?

    If you want it as a desktop replacement, using only the slate as a
    notebook and bringin it back to your dorm, a Motion or other system with
    a dock might be what you're looking for.

    If you're looking for a replacement for a laptop (or something to use as
    a laptop in conjunction with a desktop), then the convertibles might be
    the way to go.

    I would definitely suggest (price aside) looking at the new "2nd
    generation" models from Acer and Motion first - and just remember it's
    not all about clock speed!!

    Trust me, you'll be happy either way. I've wanted one for awhile and
    finally broke down when I saw the new Acer. I'm planning on using it
    mostly for school (part-time law school) and a little for work.

    Good luck!


    > If you want a processor that is one GHz or above you are limited to
    > the Toshiba. However you should not rule out the new Centrinos. The
    > 900 MHZ Centrino is more powerful than the GHz Pentium 3 chip. That
    > said you best bet would be either the Toshiba, The Motion 1300 or the
    > Acer. you can do a quick compare of them at www.TabletPc2.com
    > Linda A. Epstein
    > Microsoft MVP ~ Windows XP/Tablet PC
    > Editor: www.TabletPc2.com
    > "Fuzzytaco" <> wrote in message
    > news:...
    >> Hello
    >> I've recently been bitten by the gadget bug and these Tablet PC
    >> look right up my alley in terms of college portability!
    >> Anyway, I was wondering if any of you veterans of Tablet PC
    >> technology could recommend one to me. I would use the Tablet in the
    >> library, in an outdoor environment(I would probably stay out the
    >> bright sun), use in a classroom and in my dormroom.
    >> I would like a decently fast Tablet PC cause I would probably do the
    >> following:
    >> Taking extensive notes and jotting down ideas(I have decent
    >> handwriting)
    >> Using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, something graphical, so I would
    >> need
    >> the pen to be pressure sensitive.
    >> Visual Basic/C++ development every once in a while.
    >> Playing the occasional game, most likely 2d strategy games
    >> Watching AVI/Divx video on it
    >> I would like to get one with 512mb RAM minimum, preferably DDR
    >> and a fast processor(1ghz or above). Battery life is pretty
    >> important; it should last approx 4 hours. I won't be using the
    >> wireless card if that
    >> will cut down on battery usage any.
    >> Does anybody have any recommendations?
    >> Thanks for your help.
    >> Shaun Pedicini
    >> Email:
    Tim Marman, Jul 4, 2003
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