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Re: The Ramblings of a Tablet Nut:

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Rainald Taesler, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Thanks for your comprehensive review!


    diane whatever schrieb:

    > I truly love "writing" on my tablet laptops. I have had several .
    > as of right now I have 3 . . . one or two I will sell.
    > My recent list of tablets are-
    > Fujitsu P1510 -Tablet o/s (This was by far the best computer of the
    > Small tablet variety-the touch screen on this computer was by far
    > the Best! I had already upgraded it as much as I could. Needed
    > more ram! By the time I had decided to replace it I had used Vista.
    > I love Vista but my Fujitsu couldn't be upgraded to that o/s.)
    > Sony UX Series-Tablet o/s and Vista. Had 2 of these computers. By
    > the time I had the second one the HTC was coming out. It was
    > "supposed" to Come with voice 'but by the time of the actual
    > shipping there wasn't voice. Just data with your SIM card.. Same
    > with the Sony. SlM data only . . People were trying to get voice on
    > the Sony. you could put your SIM card in a slot and always be
    > connected. but no luck with voice. Both Sony machines were very
    > nice but too small.
    > HTC Shift -Vista (Sold my Sony and bought this. Great little UMPC-
    > not only does it come with Vista, but it also has windows mobile 6
    > in a feature called "snap-vue.". Instant on - No waiting for
    > windows to boot to check your email or get a phone number. My Palm
    > Life drive went to my granddaughter. If you only use WinMo with the
    > extended battery I bought, you could go for maybe 5 days without
    > having to charge it.)
    > HP TX2500- Vista- (Really needed to upgrade the P1510 So I bought
    > the HP. This Tablet felt Huge! compared to my (now sold) Fujitsu. I
    > wished I never parted with the Fujitsu. Did not like touch with the
    > stylus, finger or digitizer pen on the HP. so I bought the P1620
    > with the intention of selling the HP. . The P1620 arrived! Needed
    > to transfer all my stuff AGAIN to the P1620 and list the HP on
    > eBay.)
    > Fujitsu P1620 -Vista -(what a nightmare. Fujitsu added Something
    > called "palm guard" so that if you were writing on the tablet your
    > Palm wouldn't get in-the way and cause vectoring. . . I think that
    > is what it is called. The machine is beautiful Great quality
    > everywhere you look... - more ram. more storage. and Vista! but the
    > screen has a new touch. almost completely unresponsive to touch.
    > Take my word _ unless you aren't afraid to pound your stylus on a
    > glass screen _don't buy this until they come up with a cure! Lucky
    > for me Fujitsu refunded all my money like they did with the. . .
    > Fujitsu U800 I bought before the Sony. (I think) I didn't mention
    > it because there was nothing good or bad I can think of to say
    > about it. Didn't have it for more than a few days before returning
    > it to Fujitsu. It was to large to be a UMPC and too Small to be a
    > laptop replacement and also had the same Palm guard (I think) as
    > the P1620. . . BTW. . . Fujitsu allows returns with NO restocking
    > fees. A BIG PLUS! and reason to buy direct from them.
    > Flybook V5 -Vista- Arrived yesterday. . . wow-it sure is pretty. .
    > Same size as the P1510. . Same great screen as the P1510 . . . High
    > gloss like the HP... Not a fan of that (The P1510 did not have a
    > High Gloss screen).. . AND. . . It is PINK. . . Not the Pepto
    > Bismol color they show in ads. Not bubblegum pink _ but a metallic
    > looking Hot pink. It has the SIM card data feature. WITH voice. I
    > have already tested that. and it works. GPS too I think. 4 gigs of
    > ram. (only 60 gig hard drive) (my HP has 250) and a Camera for
    > conference calls (if you don't mind people seeing you with "bed
    > hair" and your flannel PJ's) The downside is - no button to rotate
    > the screen. you need to open a utility to rotate and the pen icon
    > doesn't appear on it's own. Gotta click the icon to begin writing.
    > . . That is all I can say with just a dozen hours use.
    > The writing pad on my HP has a feature that none of the others do.
    > all of them put the word in type-directly under your handwriting.
    > but on the HP not only can I click on the "type' to edit the word -
    > - I can delete or change a single letter in the word - with all
    > other versions of Vista I can only delete the word if the correct
    > spelling isn't one of my choices in editing. Would the fact that my
    > HP is also the only one that has a digitizer pen (or you can also
    > turn on touch and use your finger.) be the reason? or is it a
    > feature HP added to the tablet: Whatever the reason _ I like it.
    > as of today I know that I gotta sell one or two of the three I have
    > left. For sure the HTC will be the first to go., but the HP is sort
    > of growing on me.
    > OH! Forgot to mention. .. . . Bought the HP Touchsmart a month ago
    > when my desktop crashed. Beautiful. Large 22" screen. Great sound.
    > much more room On my desk. But . . . . . I haven't touched the
    > screen since day one! Tried playing Mah Jong on it and my arm was
    > tired from holding it up and reaching for the screen before I could
    > finish the game.
    > --
    > --
    > writing..NOT typying..on my UMPC
    > please excuse any wrytos !!
    > diane whatever
    Rainald Taesler, Jan 28, 2009
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