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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Bob Harris, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Bob Harris

    Bob Harris Guest

    In article <uYLah.8053$>,
    "Mark Rae" <> wrote:

    > Evening all,
    > Following on from a similar thread of a week or so ago, I have a Mac Mini
    > with an 80Gb hard disk and 512Mb RAM. Obviously, it came with MacOSX
    > preinstalled, which I have updated with the latest patches etc and "About
    > this Mac" tells me it is currently running MacOSX 10.4.8.
    > The main reason for purchasing the Mac Mini in the first place was because I
    > needed to be able to test the websites I develop on browsers running on
    > operating systems other then Windows - however, I didn't need a "whole" Mac
    > (bad adjective, but you know what I mean) so the Mac Mini seemed a perfect
    > choice. It's currently sharing my PS/2 keyboard and mouse and VGA flat
    > screen via a Belkin 4-way KVM, exactly as it is designed to do.
    > I recently had a problem with the said KVM whereby the Mac Mini would not
    > "recognise" the standard key presses during bootup - by that, I mean that
    > holding down the 'C' key did not force the Mac Mini to boot from the CD
    > instead of the hard disk, holding down the Alt key did not launch the boot
    > options, holding down the F12 key did not eject the CD etc.
    > After contacting Belkin, they said that the above problem was almost
    > certainly due to the fact that the Mac Mini was not recognising the USB
    > keyboard through the KVM switch until the OS had started to load from the
    > hard disk, by which time it was too late to make any startup choices. Not
    > particularly impressed with that, but the explanation did seem reasonable,
    > so I purchased a very fetching Macally keyboard from some very nice people
    > on eBay, which worked perfectly.
    > OK, so far so good.
    > Now that I've been using the Mac Mini for a little while, and find that I
    > like it much more than I was expecting to, I am keen to install Ubuntu on it
    > to test how my websites run on Linux versions of the various browsers. So, I
    > downloaded the latest Ubuntu for Mac OS image, and burned it to a CD. I had
    > been advised by others here that I would obviously need to partition the Mac
    > Mini's hard disk so that Ubuntu could be installed into a separate
    > partition - no problem - I'm perfectly used to that sort of thing from the
    > Windows world, so I got myself a copy of iPartition and partitioned the hard
    > disk non-destructively. Now my Mac Mini's 80Gb hard disk is partitioned into
    > two 40Gb partitions, the first of which has the MacOSX installation.
    > Now I need your help with the next steps.
    > Does Ubuntu need to installed in the first partition? If so, can I backup
    > the entire MacOSX partition onto my USB hard drive (which the Mac Mini
    > recognises and works with perfectly), and then restore it into the second
    > partition later so that it's bootable?
    > Does either MacOSX or Ubuntu give me the option of choosing which partition
    > to boot from WITHOUT having to hold the Alt / Option key down while the
    > system powers up? I guess, a sort of equivalent of the Windows boot.ini
    > functionality?
    > Any assistance gratefully received.
    > Mark

    2 alternatives. Assuming an intel Mac mini, get Parallels and
    run Ubuntu in Virtual Machine.

    Or why not use a "Live CD" of Ubuntu, where you run Ubuntu off of
    the CD and avoid actually installation.

    "Live CD"s of other versions of Linux are also available.

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Nov 28, 2006
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  2. Bob Harris

    Tim McNamara Guest

    In article <yRRah.8080$>,
    "Mark Rae" <> wrote:

    > "Bob Harris" <> wrote in
    > message
    > news:...
    > > 2 alternatives. Assuming an intel Mac mini

    > It's the PowerPC
    > > Or why not use a "Live CD" of Ubuntu, where you run Ubuntu off of
    > > the CD and avoid actually installation.

    > Speed.

    Or the serious lack thereof with the live CD versions of Ubuntu.
    Tim McNamara, Nov 28, 2006
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