Really really weird freeze problem with M2A-VM HDMI

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Danko, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Danko

    Danko Guest

    I have an incredible problem with this problematic board.

    I run Vista 64 Ultimate,
    2 GB Corsair CL5 DRAM2 800
    500 MB Raid 0 and 250 Raid 0 Disks
    Integrated ATI card.
    CPU Brisbane [email protected] Mhz

    BIOS is 801, the most fast and stable one.

    I just overclock my system at 209 MHz FSB to get 800 MHz bandwidth, 1600
    Mhz Dual Channel.

    It seems the setup is fine then...

    The system run fine for the whole day. Late night I do Hybernate it.
    In the morning I restore the system and it restore fast and fine.


    I work for few hours and unexpected, without any intervantion by my side,
    the system start to become irresponsive, cursor is still active and showing
    hourglass, slowly all the applets in the traybar (like network monitors)
    start to stop animation, window become irresponsive, any activity slowly is
    blocked and the system become totally not responsive. Just the
    mouse/hourglass it is still alive, the computer is still pingable from
    another machine on the LAN, most of the NET commands complete successfully.

    Then, if u try to reach the computer via remote desktop, the connection
    hang, same if u try to reboot it or shutdown it from another machine in the
    LAN. In mny opinion it means even if the computere is still pingable, it is
    dead. And it makes no sense to me.

    So the only option is the reset button.

    The system restarts fine, it work well for another day, then the day after
    the first resume it freeze some way again!!!

    Note: when it stops there is normal activity in the drive, even the hard
    disk led stop to work and been turned off like when it is no activity.

    It happen under load or simply with little cpu load, temperature are always
    fine, usually between 39 and 45 C.

    This problem makes me mad.

    I just have to avoid Hybernate/Resume, and I can avoid the freeze. It is

    Oh, I forgot: it happen with all the bios versions, so it seems it is not
    bios related. RAM tested with Memtest86 is totally fine.

    I started to think it is related with OS but... why it happen after few
    hours from the first resume???

    Any idea is welcome!
    Danko, Nov 3, 2007
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  2. Danko

    norton Guest

    1. set the clock back to what the cpu is rated.

    2. Run a virus scan

    3. Run a spy scan.

    4. Halt all the background tasks that are unnecessary, screensaver,
    ram boosters, etc.

    See if that helps and report back.
    norton, Nov 4, 2007
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  3. Danko

    agata.marcin Guest

    I've got the same problem .I think it's raid driver but I'm not sure.
    Did you solve the problem ?
    agata.marcin, Nov 19, 2007
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