Refilling HP Designjet 3000cp tanks?

Discussion in 'HP' started by polymorph, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. polymorph

    polymorph Guest

    Anyone tried refilling the HP Designjet 3000cp tanks? Same as the
    2000cp, 2500cp, 2800cp, 3500cp, and 3800cp.

    I just bought one (used, of course) and it's just out of yellow ink. I
    don't immediately have the money for a set of new cartridge/tank sets,
    and the other colors are about half full. And I have some yellow dye
    ink that was for an Encad Novajet Pro 36, which uses HP bubblejet
    heads. I know it won't be quite the right shade, but I'd like to be
    able to print some non-critical stuff to raise money towards buying a
    set of the UV inksets.

    So- has anyone tried refilling these CP series tanks? Any caveats?

    Steve Greenfield
    polymorph, Sep 7, 2006
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  2. polymorph

    Rick Jones Guest

    While I don't know very much about HP printers, I'm pretty sure we
    don't ever use the term bubblejet :)

    WRT putting ink from another type of printer - even one that has HP
    technology in it, I would be concered that the formulation of the ink
    for the one was not compatible with the other. As time has passed,
    nozzles have gotten smaller. Older ink might not flow very well
    through newer nozzles.

    rick jones
    Rick Jones, Sep 8, 2006
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  3. polymorph

    polymorph Guest

    Rick Jones wrote:
    I'd be more concerned if it was pigmented ink, less so with dye ink.

    I forgot that HP calls it (I think) thermal inkjet? Is that right? The
    Encads I got that included the ink have 300dpi HP heads, however the
    same ink is sold to be used in later Encads that are 600dpi and may
    even use the same print heads as the HP 3000cp, now that I think of it.

    I also have some dye ink I pulled out of 3rd party Epson 3000 tanks
    (don't cringe yet) that I've been using in a Canon BJC 6000 (now that
    one does go by "bubblejet").

    The HP 3000cp tank looks simple enough to refill, the toughest part is
    going to be pushing in the spring loaded ball bearing while injecting
    ink in. It's not my intention to futz around with this in the future,
    the idea is to start printing now to raise the money to buy HP OEM
    C189xA UV cartridges. I'm thinking I should empty the yellow
    park/cleaning thingie if I'm going to refill the yellow.

    I was hoping to find someone else who'd actually tried it. It is worth
    a try, as long as I empty the yellow waste tank the worst I can do is
    clog a head that will be replaced anyway.

    Steve Greenfield
    polymorph, Sep 8, 2006
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