refilling machine, inkjet refill machine U$S 1090 [email protected]

Discussion in 'Dell' started by refillkitarg, May 5, 2006.

  1. refillkitarg

    refillkitarg Guest

    refilling machine, inkjet refill machine U$S 1090

    All - In - One Inkjet Cartridge Refil Machine. Refill HP - Lexmark -
    Canon - Xerox Color and Black Cartridges
    The INK-REFILL "F" machine is a revolutionary machine that works to
    refill ALL black inkjet cartridges and ALL color inkjet cartridges with
    printheads in just 1-2 minutes! This is the ultimate machine in the
    REFILLKIT series, capable of filling ANY inkjet cartridge that has a
    print head! This introductory price of only U$S1090 will end in October
    2006 , so take advantage now while its on sale!
    · Fills a cartridge in about one minute
    · Fill about 20-30 cartridges per hour depending on style of
    · Refills ANY HP, Lexmark or Canon cartridge with printheads!
    · Brand new machine with 6 month factory guarantee. Warranty card
    with instructions for repairs or replacement by the factory.
    · 120 or 220 volt and plug (just let us know in the comments section
    which you prefer - 220V for EUROPE or 110V for USA). There is an extra
    $30 charge for the 110V Volts.
    This is the perfect product for a low-cost startup business! Cash in
    and see how easy it is to turn ink into gold with these convenient and
    professional filling machines
    refillkitarg, May 5, 2006
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  2. refillkitarg

    Jack Zwick Guest

    Wont work on new Epson or HP printers.
    Jack Zwick, May 5, 2006
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  3. Jack;
    Specifically which cartridges are you referring when you say "new Epson or
    HP printers"?
    And why not.

    Of course for now I am ignoring the fact that the OP is a spammer and
    nothing more.
    Jupiter Jones, May 6, 2006
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