Repair Reinstall XP for SATA Driver Support - which driver for 32bit XP?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by jimrainfordson, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, I've gotten help on this topic a couple months ago but am still
    running into problems. I have a nice clean image of my OS partition
    that is customized and updated just the way I like it. I use True
    Image to restore the image every so often but it's been a long time
    since I've installed the OS from scratch and this is something I very
    much want to avoid doing.

    The problem is that I bought my first SATA hard drive but have
    previously been using IDE and now I want to upgrade. The only way to
    install the drivers is to do it during the OS install or during the OS
    repair. It's my understanding that I should be able to repair-install
    the drivers onto the OS parition of my IDE drive, backup the image,
    then transfer it to my new SATA drive. I don't care about RAID. I
    just want to install whatever I need to in order to use the SATA.

    Windows XP (full version retail CD) SP2 (I'm running 32 bit)
    Gigabyte 965P S3 motherboard with F5 bios

    I went to Gigabyte's website and downloaded the latest SATA driver.
    There were three non-beta files but only one 32-bit driver so that's
    the one I got. I extracted it and moved it to a Floppy Disk.

    I booted from the XP CD and pressed F6 to grab the 3rd party drivers
    off the Floppy Disk. It came be four choices and I'm not sure which to

    Gigabyte GBB363 RAID Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB363 AHCI Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB360 RAID Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB360 AHCI Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)

    In a all too typical case of Murphy's law I'm having trouble finding
    the install CD that came with the Mobo. The manual shows "Gigabyte
    GBB36X Controller (windows 2k/XP/2003)" as the correct choice from the
    CD, but with the driver from the website it appears I must choose
    between RAID and AHCI. I'm not entirely clear on the difference but it
    seems as though I must chose now and I won't be able to change it
    later. From reading old posts, it seems to me that the way to go is
    RAID 0. Nothing fancy. I just want to use the drive in a stable and
    straightfoward fashion.

    Anyway, which driver should I select?

    On the last run through, I choose RAID 363 then the next screen told me
    to reinsert my Windows CD into drive A:, FDD. The @#$* FDD! Due to a
    lack of IDE ports, I had to hook up the CD via my USB so I think the XP
    repair-install was unable to see it (even though it was running FROM
    the very same USB CDrom). Anyway, I'll try again with a true IDE
    CDRom, but it's not much use if I don't know which driver to choose.

    I've been reading online repair-install tutorials and at some point a
    menu pops up giving me three choices:

    1. To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

    2. To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press

    3. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3

    Do I choose the FIRST option, then choose the partion and push "R" to
    repair or should I just select option 2 from this first menu? I tried
    this before (without pushing F6). That time I choose the first option
    but there was not a later option for selecting R on the partition,
    probably because there really wasn't anything to repair. However, if I
    choose 2 from above, won't that wipe out more data that is necessary?
    Again, my only aim is to install the SATA drivers.

    Any help is appreciated. This has been a nightmere. It's a long story
    but for reasons not worth getting into I have to go through quite a
    process just to go through one XP reinstall and it's very time
    consuming with each go through.

    Oh, one more thing. During reinstall it asks me for the Administrator
    password. I didn't create one but there was no way to enter "nothing".
    Hitting return on the empty field just kicked me out of the setup.
    I've since created a password just for this purpose, but is there a way
    to get passed the password prompt if you DON'T create one?

    Thank you for your time.

    jimrainfordson, Jan 10, 2007
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  2. jimrainfordson

    BillL Guest

    Not sure I can be much help - sounds like you're having a real nightmare :eek:(

    I found this on the MS website via a Google search and I've used this method
    before when I've had problems with XP (I absolutely loathe having to
    reinstall all my programs etc!).

    I'm not familiar with your motherboard as I've got an nforce4 board and I
    don't have to load SATA drivers if I need to reinstall XP (I do if I wanted
    RAID but I'd rather avoid the hassle).


    BillL, Jan 10, 2007
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  3. jimrainfordson

    Shaun Guest

    Enable sata in bios, plug in p/f and should work. Thats all I had to do.
    Shaun, Jan 10, 2007
  4. Have you got the same mainboard? I've been reading up on what's
    necessary to get the SATA going and I'm getting some mixed signals.

    When hooking up your SATA drive, did you use the orange ports (Chipset
    SATA) or did you use the purple ports (Jmicron/Gigbabyte)? Besides
    enabling SATA in bios, you have to chose between "IDE" "IDE/RAID" or
    "AHCI". Which did you choose? And what about the other SATA in
    CMOS.."SATA Port0-3 Native Mode" setting? Enabled/Disabled?

    I'm about ready to bite the bullet and just do a clean install, but at
    this point I still have the same question about which controller to use
    after I push F6 during the install. I don't expect AHCI will do much
    for me in terms of speed, but I don't need raid either.

    Thanks for you post. I'm gonna experiment some more tomorrow.

    BTW, what's "p/f"?
    jimrainfordson, Jan 12, 2007
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