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Repairing a Toshiba Satellite 5105

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by PJ, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. PJ

    PJ Guest

    I am trying to trouble shoot and repair an old Toshiba Satellite 5106. This
    is my first attempt to fix a lap top and it is sort of a learning experience
    really. At first I thought I was dealing with a heat issue in that the
    computer died after being on for a little while (or I thought it did). The
    screen would become 'pixilated' and blocky and froze up. If I left it on
    for a while, the screen slowly turned dark with whitish clouds around the
    edge or the computer would try to reboot with the same result.
    My first attempted fix was to replace the heat sink fan and the CPU. I was
    able to get the computer to run for several hours and was pretty happy, but
    then it started to do the same thing again.

    So now I am trying to think of some other things that might be wrong with
    it. Could there be a failed video card, or perhaps a problem with the
    battery? I just wanted to ask if anyone might have some ideas about what
    could be wrong with this computer.
    PJ, Sep 17, 2007
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  2. PJ

    davy Guest

    There might be some help here... 'Disassemble, repair, take apart,
    upgrade, clean Toshiba laptop or notebook yourself.'
    (http://www.irisvista.com/tech/) clicking the link should open in a new

    Many a strange fault can be caused by the ribbon cable to the display
    panel, sometimes re-inserting it helps many a strange fault.. but you
    need to be real careful because they only use very thin silver foil as
    the conductors, the conductors are easily bent or damaged if not
    inserted straight.

    One thing you could try if at all possible is to hook it up to an
    external monitor, this will prove if it's a display panel problem or
    not, if it's the same then it's further down stream the graphic card for

    davy, Sep 17, 2007
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  3. PJ

    PJ Guest

    Thanks for the terrific link!

    I hooked the laptop up to another monitor and had the same issue. On the
    other hand, I did boot in safe and managed to get the system to run. Having
    already opened the computer up and replaced the CPU and fan, I checked those
    connectors pretty well. I am inclined to think that it is likely the video
    card. Is there any other way to test for a bad video card?

    Many thanks!
    PJ, Sep 18, 2007
  4. PJ

    davy Guest

    ry by substitution is about the best, either try a known good one or try
    the suspect elsewhere, at least by trying a monitor you proved its not
    the dispaly and the fault further down stream, the graphic being the
    next hurdle to clear.

    Sometimes removing and refitting might help, the contacts is onlt gold
    plated on copper and both are soft, with the pressure of the contacts
    and the heat the could become faulty.

    Graphic cards can give boot problems... all you need for bios to boot
    is the CPU, RAM and Graphic card the rest can be disconnected even the
    hard drive and you'll still be able to gain access to the bios set up
    screen if you wished.

    Here's another link that 'may' prove handy..

    davy, Sep 18, 2007
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